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Most universities do not conduct interviews when selecting candidates, the selection committee receives all the necessary information from the Personal Statement Paper (a motivation letter to the American college) – this is something like a free autobiography, necessary for the selection committee to have the most complete picture of the applicant. 

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Looking through your essays, university employees must answer two questions:

Do they need this student in this course?

Do they need this student at this university?

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These questions can be divided into several clarifying ones:

  • Is this student suitable for training in the chosen courses? Does he meet the requirements?
  • Does the applicant have the necessary qualifications and qualities?
  • Does the student possess such qualities as consciousness, integrity, diligence?
  • Will he cope with the requirements of the university?
  • Can a student work in a stressful situation?
  • Will he adapt to the new university environment?
  • Does the applicant have communication skills?
  • Does he have an interest in the chosen subject and a desire to gain deeper knowledge?

This is a short list of questions that the selection committee should receive answers from your personal essay. Do not answer questions directly, provide information on the basis of which you can draw the appropriate conclusions.

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What Do you Want to Learn and Why?

Indicate the specific aspects of the course that interest you, list your work (term papers, dissertation, etc.), it will not be superfluous to list the literature that you read on this subject (especially if you enter the bachelor’s program), work experience in the specialty, participation in scientific conferences and olympiads, your personal life experience, which contributed to the choice of future profession.

Your Interests and Skills

Hobbies in your free time; the sport that you practice and your success in it; possession of musical instruments; additional subjects that you studied; various courses that you attended; languages ​​you speak

The selection committee is looking for students keen on the chosen subject, your task is to prove it.

If you know in advance that you will enter the master’s program, then in the 4th and 5th courses, focus on scientific activity, try to take part in scientific conferences and seminars.


Writing a good motivational letter is quite difficult and many are tempted to borrow any parts of it from other personal statements that can be found in abundance on the Internet. Remember, all of your essays are checked for plagiarism, you can be caught in this, even writing off just one sentence. That is why you should order it from professional services such as GradeMiner. The service will provide you with a 100% unique essay.

In no case do not rewrite the work in whole pieces from examples, in addition, if these examples are easy to find in the search engine, then the professors could see them because someone could already try to take advantage of them.

It’s better to read pieces of 10-15 examples, emphasize everything that impressed you, and try to understand why these fragments attract attention and then write your “stamps” according to the pattern – you will need to insert these blanks into your composition to decorate it.

If you are quoting a book or someone, be sure to quote it and indicate the author or source.


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Most applicants write their personal statement in essay format. The main rule – do not write everything in a solid block of text, break your essay into paragraphs, each of which contains a complete thought. Half of the essay is occupied by your story about why you chose this course, what is interesting to you, and the reasons for choosing a university. The second half is a description of your abilities.

Break all your entries into several categories and write a paragraph for each, for example:

  • Paragraph 1: introduction, I’m interested in … and why;
  • Paragraph 2: what I did, studied, related to the selected subject, but did not indicate in the questionnaire;
  • Paragraph 3 and 4: work experience and success at school/university;
  • Paragraph 5: other non-academic interests;
  • Paragraph 6: goals for the future, final phrase;

Allow most of the time for the introduction and conclusion. Remember: the information presented at the beginning and at the end is best remembered.

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