Why Is Working with a White Plains Car Accident Attorney Beneficial?

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In New York, over 20% of highway accidents are due to alcohol or drugs involved. But many car accidents in White Plains and surrounding areas are not the driver’s fault. Sometimes, it could be pedestrians who jaywalk into the street and cause the car crash. In such cases, it is crucial to prove that you are not guilty. 

Contacting a White Plains car accident attorney immediately after an accident is your safest bet. They are qualified and licensed professionals with extensive knowledge of the subject. No matter what your situation, they can fight for your rights in the court trial. 

Understanding the Law of Negligence

Consider the above example. If the pedestrian walks carelessly onto the road, the car driver may not avoid a collision. Both the driver and the person sustain injuries. If a claim arises, the driver has to prove that the pedestrian acted without reasonable care. Sometimes, you don’t need to prove anything. Just making a logical argument may suffice, and the negligent party pays your injury damages.

This rule is called the law of negligence, which applies in White Plains. Everyone using the road has to follow the traffic rules. Irrespective of who is doing what, the person not exercising a reasonable level of care is guilty. 

Comparative Fault Law in White Plains

New York is a pure comparative negligence state. Both parties will be at fault based on how much they contributed to the accident. You can recover compensation in a car accident lawsuit if the other party is partially at fault. 

For example, you are 10% at fault, and the other party shares 90% of the blame. Your total damages are $10,000. Per this law, your compensation reduces by $1,000, and you are awarded only $9,000. 

How Your Car Accident Lawyer Can Help 

Whether you are driving or not, being in a car accident can be scary and confusing. For minor accidents, you may resolve the matters satisfactorily by yourself. But if you get injured, it is better to consult a car accident lawyer.

They can help you by:

Investigating Your Accident: To get a successful outcome for your claim, collecting the right evidence is crucial. It comes in handy when negotiating with the insurance company. Its role in the court trial is undeniable. But the police report or the site photos may not be enough. Your lawyer conducts a thorough investigation and looks into all aspects of the case. The evidence includes video surveillance, expert opinion, medical reports, eyewitness testimony, and more.

Explaining the Process: The procedure for car accident claims is more or less the same. The deadline to file the petition in White Plains is three years after the accident. This timeframe is allotted because some car crash injuries show up late. You may experience headaches due to a concussion or delayed whiplash injuries. In any case, hiring an attorney right away gives you ample time to plan. 

Finding Dispute Resolution Options: Not all cases filed go to trial, but they get solved in other quicker ways. Your lawyer gives you professional advice that works in your interest. It may involve suggesting negotiations with the insurer and the other party. Your counsel helps you get a fair settlement without even stepping into the court.

Offering a Strong legal Strategy: By creating a robust argument, they present your version before the judge. They prepare you for what to expect in the court. Most attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning they won’t charge you a cent until they fetch you a win. A competent White Plains car accident attorney can also help you recover your legal costs. 

Some victims may be suing multiple liable parties. If this is your situation, you can get financial compensation from each of them. Each car accident scenario is different. Contact a legal expert today and know your options.


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