Your Guide to Acting More Professional While Working Online

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The change of working online because of the pandemic has affected people, and it can be rather hard to adjust to a new situation.

For some, it is harder to get in the groove of things because they associate home with a place of rest rather than work. For others, it is not putting in enough effort because there is no supervision. And this slacking off leads to not caring how one looks while working. If you do not have to deal with clients in person, you may not be that interested in putting in the effort.

However, such behavior builds bad habits, and you may find that things are not the same after coming back to the office. Thus, you should look to remain professional while working remotely as well.

The tips in this article will give you a better understanding of what you need to prioritize. And it starts with simple things.

Tip #1 – Write Professional Emails

You might be more used to chatting with clients in person, and emails were not your go-to method. However, the situation might change. There is an option to give them a call, but what about when they cannot pick up? Or when the only contact option is an email?

In addition to writing an email without errors, you should also include elements that make you look more professional. A signature, for example. It is recommended to create and add Gmail signature in every email. Provide your contact information there as well, so the recipient knows how to get in touch through other means, not just emails.

Tip #2 – Look For Opportunities to Face-Time

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Despite the lack of in-person meetings, you can still organize some face time with clients if they are not too busy. 

Opportunities to talk like this will help you keep your touch, particularly if the job requires talking to people and persuading them to purchase products or services. Moreover, another person will appreciate you putting in the effort to face-time. 

Tip #3 – Have a Dedicated Work Area

Separating work from time off can be difficult if you are stuck in the same place all the time. Given the ongoing pandemic, not everyone has the luxury to go outside whenever they want. Not to mention those who are in self-isolation.

If you can, create a dedicated workspace where you will spend time working. In case there is someone else living with you, they will also know when you are working and should not be disturbed. In addition to productivity, a dedicated work area will also help deal with stress.

Tip #4 – Get Rid of Distractions

It feels like distractions are amplified when you are working at home. There are no judging eyes from coworkers or supervisors. You are free to check your smartphone or browse the net without worrying that someone could catch you.

However, the work should still take priority. Instead of finding yourself checking the smartphone, or doing stuff unrelated to work, get rid of these distractions. 

Disable notifications, listen to music that helps you concentrate, and create a schedule you will stick to. 

Tip #5 – Take Breaks

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Losing track of time is easy when you get into work. However, it would still be in your best interest to have a regular break time. Even if it is a few minutes, you should still get up from your chair and walk around the room to clear your head just a bit.

Also, make sure that you have a proper lunch break. Do not just eat a few sandwiches and get back to work right away. Productivity will plummet if you strain yourself too much.

Tip #6 – Keep in Touch With Colleagues

Sometimes, you may find that there is a lack of socializing when you are stuck at home. If your friends are busy with work as well, why not keep in touch with your colleagues more?

You will most likely discuss job-related matters, but do not feel too guilty about including some casual conversations. After all, it is possible that some of your coworkers are in a similar situation and would love to have a conversation with someone.

Tip #7 – Use Free Time to Improve

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You will most likely have more free time because there is no need to commute to work. And while some people prefer to spend that time sleeping more, you can put that to better use.

Instead of lying in bed until the last minute or staying up late and ruining your rhythm, why not dedicate an hour or two of free time to improve yourself? It can be physical exercise, reading books, or watching tutorials that provide you with more knowledge about your profession. 


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