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Work In Antarctica: How To Find A Job And What To Expect

Antarctica is considered as the world’s windiest, driest, and coldest continent. It is easy to travel to the place as a tourist but work in Antarctica is a totally different issue. There are approximately 1000 individuals who work during winter and 4000 during summer. On the other hand, there are no permanent residents, therefore the workers are considered to work in any station of the continent which is icy.

You are looking for how to find a job in Antarctica and what to expect? Here is the best answer to the question.

It is difficult to find jobs in Antarctica since there are numerous individuals looking for jobs whereas there are minimum opportunities. In case one is a resident of the United States, individuals are advised to search for employment opportunities through the high-level program that is readily available. It is managed by the National Science Foundation considering that it employs approximately 3000 individuals to the country annually. The workers are required to provide support to the prevalent researchers in Antarctica through maintenance of the vessels and workstations.

The non-US citizens are offered an opportunity to apply for vacancies regardless of the fact that the citizens are offered the first priority. There are many routes that lead to Antarctica whereby the commonly used route for tourism starts in Argentina which leads to the islands. However, the workers travel via the US army plane which lands on a specific landing strip. Most of the working opportunities are often prevalent at the national research stations.

The available jobs in the country fall under two categories that are support positions, and scientific positions. Scientific positions entail several practitioners such as geologists, glaciologists, oceanologists, biologists, atmospheric physicists, meteorologists, and glaciologists. The experts spend more time in the country due to the assigned tasks. Contrary to this, the support positions involve occupations that entail keeping the workplace in good condition. The workers are required to be conversant with the necessary skills to ensure that there are no challenges faced in the end. The professionals include electricians, cooks, carpenters, boat handlers, diving officers, and doctors.

The main challenge faced in Antarctica is the winter period considering that the temperatures drop to 30 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the continent is often wrapped in darkness for a period of 6 months which affects many individuals’ conditions. The experience in Antarctica mainly depends on an individual’s job. For instance, scientific personnel has more interesting experiences since they are offered tasks that require them to be away from the base more often.

The workers are required to perform diverse duties in the bases including general roles such as night watch, cleaning the base and unloading ships to ensure that all the individuals are flexible at the workplace. Therefore, the supply of individuals ready and willing to work in Antarctica is greater than the demand for the staff. I most cases, the foreign nationals are not considered.

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