Why is kissanime so slow? [Solved]

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Kissanime is one of the most well-known sources for watching Anime content on the internet. A lot of users stream content on Kissanime at once. We don’t know for sure if you should really use Kissanime to watch Anime content but it remains one of the best sources to date to just stream the best English subtitled and dubbed content. 

However, there are few times that you will see that you are unable to access the Kissanime website as you should normally do or there might be problems in loading the content. 

Common problems with Kissanime

Most common problems that users see with Kissanime are following. 

  1. Website loading very slow
  2. Content buffering very slow 
  3. Website down 
  4. Unable to access the website 

Reasons for slow loading of Kissanime content 

There may be many reasons that you are not experiencing the perfect performance of Kissanime website. Few are some of the reasons that you are unable to watch uninterrupted content on Kissanime. 

  • Website server might be down 
  • There must be some maintenance going on 
  • An error might have occurred with the website 
  • There might be some hacking attempts on the website 
  • Your internet speed might be too slow 
  • Your firewall might be blocking you to access the website
  • Your internet DNS services might be disturbed

Solutions for improving performance of Kissanime 

There is not one specific solution to fixing what is wrong with your access to Kissanime or the slow loading of the website. There are certain things you can do to fix your problem. 

  • Check if your internet speed is consistent and you have uninterrupted access to the internet 
  • Check if any other downloads or applications are consuming your internet’s bandwidth 
  • Check if there are too many devices connected to your internet connection 
  • Check if your internet DNS services are working automatically 
  • If the server from Kissanime site is down, you have to wait it out 
  • If you are unable to login directly with Kissanime website, try using any of the mirror websites 
  • Sometimes too many users are watching the Kissanime website and puts a lot of load on the servers, slowing the website eventually 

However, if you still face issues. It is better to write to the administrators of Kissanime or get in touch with the support team.

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