Why Digital Marketing performance can be improved now during Covid-19

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Digitalization has opened up a lot of opportunities for businesses and brands to stay in the cutthroat competitive world. The role of digital marketing is, therefore, even became crucial in the outbreak of COVID 19. 

Where the world is confined into their homes, digital marketing is the only hope for businesses, bloggers, webmasters, educationists, and all others to reach out to the outside world browsing through the internet. Today technology combined with the internet provides us to access everything we want at just the touch of our fingers. 

The biggest virus outbreak all over the world has made us realize the importance of digital marketing and the need to grow it. Looking at the positive side of COVID 19, it gives us the golden opportunity to improve and enhance the digital marketing approach during this global pandemic. 

Here are a few valid reasons why digital marketing performance can be improved during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Digital Marketing Gives Broader Reach

Digital marketing helps you reach all the areas that are not possible through old school print media or electronic media. Digital Marketing can help reach the whole world. Now during the COVID 19 crisis, it is easier to reach hundreds of thousands of people online. 

Because people are spending more time on the internet these days. Digital marketing enables you to spread the brand name of your business digitally at your fingertips. You can make better use of social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram, and Quora like platforms during these days.

For successful digital marketing, it is imperative that you should make use of the right web tools and hosting services. The whole game of digital marketing is about building websites and engaging users. And websites need a quality web hosting service.

Though there are many hosting services available, we would recommend using InterServer looking at its handy and easy to use features; keep reading about its benefits here. It is one of the fastest web hosting services. Plus InterServer is pocket-friendly too.

The most popular plans of InterServer are Standard Monthly, Windows Monthly, and WordPress monthly. The most featured and recommended plan is the standard monthly plan with all the required features to bloom your website. However, Windows and the WordPress plan is also suitable depending on your needs.

Benefit of SEO

If relying on the statistics, it is evident that more than 53% of traffic is routed from SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Usually, people enter the keyword in the search engine to find what they are looking for. Say, if someone is looking for a home, he/she would type a relevant keyword and search on the web about the nearby real estate. Also, most of the traffic is fetched by the top 3 results of the search engine page.

So, what we want to say is that to generate more traffic your website should appear among the top 3 results of SERP and that can be achieved by doing the right SEO practices. SEO is a vast subject that includes many things. If you are a novice, you can read more about SEO.

Digital Marketing is also a cost-effective way as compared to traditional marketing. With digital marketing, you can get maximum returns at minimum investment.

Digital Marketing Offers More Specific Statistics

You can use tools like Google Analytics to analyze the traffic figures on your website and channelize your efforts and resources to improve it. In addition, digital marketing caters to mobile consumers. 

Today, everyone is carrying mobile gadgets in their pockets with access to the internet. In fact, the latest smartphones are the mini replacement of laptops and personal computers. A lot of people shop right on their mobile screens. According to a report it has been found that around 91% of adults in the United States always have their devices within reaching distance.

It Is a Great Option For Startups and Small Businesses.

Effective marketing is a very important factor and a contributor to accelerating businesses towards its goal. For small businesses and startups, marketing is a very important factor but at the same time, they have a limited budget for marketing. In such a case, digital marketing is the way out to market your brand at lesser costs.

Using digital marketing, it is easy to reach out to the target audience at just the click of a mouse. All you should need to learn the tactics of digital marketing like the use of SEO tools, impressive content, and social media marketing. 

Besides that, digital marketing is also a useful way to keep an eye on your competitors. It helps you to learn from your competitors as well as staying a step ahead of them. It teaches you how they communicate with their customers and what makes them different from others.

Establishing Direct Communication With Customers.

Through digital marketing tools, you can better approach your customers, identify their issues, and resolve them as quickly and effectively as possible. Today technology is available and easily accessible to all, hence you can safely assume that all your customers lie online. 

In that case, digital marketing is an effective way to timely attend your customers and facilitate them with faster online support. Through digital marketing, businesses get a lot of real-time marketing benefits which include precise targeting, increased customer satisfaction and experience, increased customer retention, and driving revenue through personalized offers.

Identify the Psychology of Customers

Digital marketing is all about using web resources and online tools to reach out to your target audience. Unlike other traditional marketing media, it enables you to expand your reach only to the desired audience to say if you are running a business of toys, you can target only that audience who are new parents or are going to be one. 

There is no sense in targeting old aged people. You can understand the psychology of your audience and utilize them well in serving your purpose. For successful digital marketing, such facts and figures have to be put together to channelize them in a better way.

Get Enhanced Conversion Rates

The conversion rate of customers into sales and subscribers is quite high in the digital world. There are a number of reasons for that like the ‘Call to Action’ button facilitates the customers to order or book the products or subscribe to the services immediately. 

Apart from that, customers get wider exposure to the large range of products and services to choose from. Surfing around an eCommerce website is very easy at the click of your mouse.

The three most important tools of digital marketing; SEO, Social media marketing, and Email marketing generate quick and effective interaction with targeted audiences and deliver better-than-average results in terms of higher conversion rates.

So, COVID 19 and quarantine time is the peak period to utilize the ideas of digital marketing to strengthen your business and brand in this low economic phase.


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