Best guest posting techniques in white hat SEO

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What is a white-hat SEO?

White hat SEO is all about ‘’play by the rules and win the game’’. Of course, people running their businesses in legit industries cannot risk their livelihood using techniques and strategies introduced by black-hat SEO. White-hat SEO is independent of expensive automated tools with no hefty fines from Google, improves healthy website ranking, never tarnish your reputation, and builds a strong relationship with the visitors. Practicing white-hat SEO is the only right way to create a sustainably successful website.

Guest posting:

Guest blogging is a valid white-hat technique, and to attract the right visitor to your website, guest blogging is a proven vital tool. Guest blogging is actually the publishing of quality content on a host domain to get benefits like getting organic traffic, a link, or brand mention. Toying your traffic with guest blogging is an essential part of your blogging strategies. Although you get a lot of variable results, with your guest article, you can get a ton of referral traffic.

Importance of guest blogging for your business:

Promotion of your website with the art of writing content for another company’s website is termed as ‘’guest posting’’ or ‘’guest blogging’’. A blogger aims to write for similar blogs in their industry to:

  • Boost the domain authority to the high-authority domain by using external links.
  • Maintain better relationships with peers in their industry.
  • Attract and improve traffic to their website.
  • Increase awareness and brand credibility.

Guest blogging is like a two-way street that offers mutual benefits to the website hosting content and guest blogger.

Why does guest blogging not work?

Guest posting becomes a waste of time, money, and efforts when it turns into a mass spammed email with near-zero personalization. Another big reason is the poor quality content. The guest posts become problematic because of their lack of insights, low-quality, and association with an unreal author.

According to Google, there are three failure reasons for guest blogging:

  1. Hiring authors having no knowledge about the particular topic they are writing on.
  2. Extra stuffing of keyword-rich links in the article.
  3. In the guest blogging, complete duplication or rephrasing of an article available on your site.

It’s time to learn Link Building!

SEO experts and bloggers use the strategy of link building by publishing their content on related sites with high authority. This technique improves their domain authority, generates more organic traffic, and enhance site ranking. A website that gets more backlinks will rank better and faster. Let’s discuss some highly effective white-hat SEO techniques to get backlinks. These techniques are legal, secure, and deliver the best results for any websites.

Link building white-hat SEO techniques for guest posting:

Stop naughty black-hat SEO postings while you have better and much more effective white-hat SEO techniques for an effective link building by writing a guest blog post:

1. Research creates new knowledge:

If you actually want to go right about guest blogging, research is the key. To fulfill the commitment of writing a guest post:

  • Always search for a website or an online magazine with similar ideas and values.
  • Writing a guest post for any website that accepts submission about anything from anyone never create valuable backlinks.
  • Only your guest post on reputable and established websites or online magazines can help you in the right way to promote your website.
  • By using different content tools, you can get quick results for best publishing sites in a particular niche.

2. Content is the king:

For guest blog posting, you actually need a flawless content because:

  • Lousy content in terms of SEO looks shady, and though, it is not a black hat, it seems.
  • To make space at a high standard, the authoritarian website, you need to follow strict guidelines about content quality.
  • Guest post is mainly a source to generate backlinks and how weak content can generate strong backlinks?
  • Content is the identity of a writer, and writing chops simply throw you out of the race.
  • A website that accepts a poorly written and plagiarized blog post is not legit.
  • To write a guest post, you can do it yourself, or you can also outsource the content to a professional content writer but it should be plagiarism free.
  • Editing and passing the content through a plagiarism checker on before publishing is a great way to improve the quality of your guest post content.

3. A big ‘’No’’ to content farms:

Content farms are ‘’content-generating factories’’, these are the websites that produce the bulk of blog posts for various industries. They usually provide thousands of blog posts daily, and their sole purpose is only to plug in a backlink. In the last few years, Google is outsmarting the content farms, but still, they are in a business with little variations.

  • These websites are established only with the aim of providing backlinks.
  • Your association with this content farming websites can hurt your SERPs.
  • To empower your website with the right authority, it is highly advised to invest in manually outreached blogs.

4. Keep GOOGLE satisfied:

Sometimes you step into the dark side unintentionally. Google often changes its acceptance strategies, and a guest post quickly transforms into a spam one. To avoid any resistance from Google try to avoid following practices those are considered as black-hat:

  • Avoid publishing your article on different types of websites.
  • Always hire a writer with strong command about the topic.
  • Stop extra keywords stuffing.
  • Avoid duplication of the content and never submit an article that is already published on your own website.


These white-hat SEO techniques make guest posting a powerful way to create backlinks to your website. It is still the most effective and one of the reliable ways to boost your SEO, and it improves the search engine page ranking of your website. Using high-quality guest posting and other fundamentals of white-hat SEO is the natural way to remain in competition for the long run.


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