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What you need to know about Corporate Housing

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Sometimes these are also called executive suites

A lot of businesspeople find corporate housing one of the best solutions when they have to relocate because of their work conditions. Many business professionals find corporate housing preferable to staying in a hotel room for weeks on end while they’re temporarily in a faraway location.

Corporate housing gives busy business professionals a comfortable, hassle-free alternative to staying in a hotel. Corporate housing turns the course of temporary relocation into a welcome opportunity to enjoy life with no interruptions.

If you’re relocating, having a temporary furnished apartment (sometimes called temporary housing) is the easiest way to get started in a new place without committing to a lease. 

Your next address doesn’t always have to be permanent. A furnished apartment gives you the freedom to try out new places, test drive different areas, and be organic with your lifestyle. Just so you know, a company named SharedEasy offers corporate housing in New York.

Better than hotels

Hotels are often located in busy areas, full of people places near centers or airports. On the other hand, corporate housing is usually located in more residential areas. These might include urban neighborhoods and residential suburbs.

Corporate housing is your smart alternative to an expensive hotel, allowing you to live like a local in high-end residences that are close to public transportation, restaurants, and shopping centers. Connecting savvy travelers looking for a great value with trusted, local hosts who provide clean, modern, affordable accommodations. Choose corporate housing and enjoy all the perks of living in an upscale residential neighborhood. All the features of a hotel, plus the feel of a home base.

All under one bill

We really believe that a great way to spend a vacation, a weekend, or an extended holiday is to book with a corporate housing company. This way, you have the freedom to cook your favorite food, have access to a swimming pool or an exercise facility, and not have to worry about paying for parking or early check-in/late cancellation charges as it is included in your package. Plus, you will only have one bill at the end of your trip instead of multiple bills from various locations.

No need to drive around to find a parking spot. Use the elevator key for easy access to your home away from home. Lose yourself in an infinity pool, watch cable TV in a luxurious lobby, and enjoy the comforts of home with 24/7 Wi-Fi. You won’t want to leave!

Take care of yourself like you’re home

Instead of going to a restaurant to eat a lot of times per day while traveling, you can prepare your own food. Whether you’re in a hotel or renting your own furnished apartment, you can have access to a full kitchen.

You don’t need to go to the grocery store and purchase all of your meals each day. You may use nearby stores, supermarkets, or even restaurants where you can purchase everything that you need to cook the food yourself.

If you’re living in a corporate housing situation, you can get your cleaning and laundry done for yourself. Otherwise, you probably don’t have time to do your own laundry.

Hiring a housecleaner or going to the laundromat is another way to be able to spend more time doing things you enjoy, and spend less time on things you don’t.

Enjoy the space

Of course, booking with a hotel for long periods of time will give you that cramped very soon. Applying for corporate housing will give you the privacy and silence you have to make living in your temporary situation more like home.

You don’t have to worry about being heard from the other room, or whether the neighbors have their TV volume too high. You can choose from a wide range of consistent living accommodations with strict noise control and privacy reservation.

Corporate housing helps people stay close to their work environment while keeping the comfort of their own rooms. It’s essentially like having your own hotel room on wheels. If you’re moving with your family or even your pets, then corporate housing is an ideal option. They often have a kitchen, living room, and a lot of bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms. Some spaces even come with a garden or yard.

Fully furnished spaces

You can move into a furnished rental with no need to check around for furniture or supplies. In addition, you will have all the basic amenities one would expect from a home.

One of the most amazing benefits of corporate housing is that everything is already furnished for you. You can just move in and enjoy.

Imagine arriving to find the home you are staying in is already furnished. All you have to do is move your clothes into the closet, unpack your suitcase, and take a deep breath. You know what? You can do this. It’s time to move on with your life. The office couch will be there when you need it again.


It’s the easiest way to relocate, have a temporary home, or even just have a place to spend the holidays. Moving is a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about packing all of your belongings.

If you’re moving to a new town and set on staying there, it’s important to determine whether you’ll be able to handle the cost of housing or not before deciding on where to live; otherwise, you’ll end up spending more than you need.

There are many careers today, happening in many areas of the country. Many professionals find themselves working in different states or cities or even being relocated throughout the course of their careers. Corporate housing is an option that allows you to have your own home that comes with you wherever your career goes.


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