What Are the 3 Most Important Stages to Video Production?

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Video is a great way of reaching a larger audience, which is why it’s important that businesses start creating and integrating videos in their overall content strategy. One statistic that really proves this point is Youtube’s over one billion monthly unique visitors statistic. There are also more than 100 hours of video being uploaded to the platform every minute. So now you know just how popular video is, how do you get your business on board?

An experienced and professional video production company will have a significant impact on the final product, with the results hitting goals that deliver your Return On Investment (ROI). They will have the creative direction, equipment, and skills required to produce a video that delivers a clear message your target market can relate to. Such a company is capable of determining the most cost-effective and efficient ways of putting everything together through best practices in the three stages of video production and delivery.

The Process

Video production agencies have the ability to view a script as a complete program. This script can include dialogue, narration and audio and visual descriptions that inform the production crew which elements should be captured. The client should provide comments and perform reviews during the script development phase. There should also be approvals given on the narrative, the title, and such graphics elements as fonts.

Whether you’re making a short promo, a series of training videos, or a feature-length documentary, the following three stages of production are the same. As there are so many parts to each stage, it’s also important to include milestones and checkpoints along the way to keep the production on track.


The first stage starts as soon as you begin working on developing the script. It encompasses everything that occurs prior to the shoot: kickoff, research, scriptwriting and storyboarding, hiring cast and crew, location scouting, and more. Everything that involves the video’s logistics are planned based on the script. Everything should be in place prior to the beginning of principle photography.


Production happens when all the development that occurred during pre-production has been completed. Once the director calls “Action!”, that’s when the cameras roll. A professional production company will be wary of the details. They’re meticulous when it comes to directing talent, capturing quality sound bites in interviews, and capturing stunning and relevant B-roll. They also create the best graphics and animations to represent your brand.


This is the final of the three stages of production. Here, the production team looks at the audio and video footage before assembling it to fit the script. Collectively, sound, audio sweetening, color correction, sound effects, music, and graphics pull the final piece together.

Producing high-quality professional videos requires a team with experience, strong pre-production strategies, a proven production process, a quality assurance system, and skills in project management. These combined efforts will result in a video that aligns with your brand, meets your goals, and exceeds your expectations.

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