The Top 4 Resources for Video Production

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Video resources are often a lifesaver for content creators looking to perfect their work or resolve any technical issues that can crop up. One category of resources that can be of great help is tutorials. They provide users with valuable visual aids, easily understood instruction, and quality information. While you should hire a video production agency if you’re in need of a professional video, here are some of the best websites out there to help you perfect your more basic or personal video projects.

LinkedIn Learning

This vast resource of online courses offers professional, high-quality video tutorials in various categories. Its specialties are music/audio production, video production, 3D animation, education, business, photography, web design, graphic design, and web development/coding.

When it comes to tutorials on video production, LinkedIn Learning’s tutorials are nicely categorized according to skill level, video software (Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects, etc.), and topic (filmmaking, color correction, audio for video, and motion graphics, etc.).

Vimeo Video School

One feature of Vimeo is its video school, which provides a number of video tutorials and lessons specializing in video production. Whether you’re looking to learn about editing software, on-set shooting, lighting, gear, or camerawork, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Vimeo Video School.

If you want to ask a question about the content in any of the tutorials, or if you’re struggling to understand part of the lesson, tutorial creators and other users are often keen to advise.

Creative Live

Creative video Production resources

Providing the online classroom experience, CreativeLive offers a unique approach by offering you the opportunity to view live classes. Topics include life/money, maker/craft, audio/music, design/art, and video/photo. The Film and Video category is impressive in that its courses range from screenwriting to crowdfunding to guerrilla filmmaking.

CreativeLive loves to highlight its free content, with its useful “Tip” bar telling you that there are free classes under “Watch Now” at the top of each page. Other classes vary in cost, but you can view samples of student work, watch a trailer, and read reviews before signing up.


Tuts+ provides online tutorials in such subjects as game development, design/illustration, photo, and video. The video courses are developed by industry professionals and provide video illustrations and step-by-step instructions of how to approach certain tasks.

While there are free tutorials available, they’re mainly text-based, so if you want video instructions, you should go to “Courses”. You can see trailers for lessons to find which ones suit your interest. There are also a number of free courses available.

Bonus Resource: Video Copilot

While this site is aimed specifically at filmmaking in general, the informative and entertaining videos are mainly for users of After Effects. Video Copilot is a frequently updated and reliable source for tutorials, 3D packs, plug-ins, and tutorials on visual effects and motion graphics.

While the video tutorials are free, you can also buy tutorial packs providing lessons on specific projects. The high-quality content is great if you want to give your project professional effects.


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