Guide on UK Student Visa to Avoid Future Rejections

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The UK has been a popular study destination for Indian students who seek quality education at the world’s leading colleges. Yearly, more than 30,000 Indian students travel to study in the UK after going through a three-four week UK student visa process. 

Your visa application acceptance is completely dependent upon your choice of program, maintenance of minimum funds, adherence to UKVI rules and directions, and interview session. Those applying for the UK student visa got to show that they can pay for their whole education, living, and support costs. 

UK Student Visa: Types, Eligibility & Other Details

The aspirants need to complete an online UK Student Visa application before 3 months of the commencement of course. They must also incorporate a detailed cover letter about their capabilities, reasons to consider studying in the UK, bank accounts, and plans after education. 

In most cases, a meeting isn’t required, and based on your correct records and cover letter, students are given a study visa for the UK. The details about the UK Study Visa are mentioned here below in detail.

UK Student Visa Eligibility

The candidates need to clear the basic UK Student Visa eligibility criteria. The details are mentioned below:

  • A confirmation of study in renowned colleges and universities with or without an authorized Tier 4 sponsor.
  • Be able to talk, write and understand English. 
  • Financial proofs, i.e., showing sufficient cash to back yourself and pay for your course. 
  • For a short term study visa, you must show the intention to leave the UK within 30 days from the completion of your study. 

UK Student Visa Application process

The aspirants wanting to seek a UK student visa need to follow the application process. These steps are necessary to follow- 

Step 1 – The students need to clear the primary step that is to check if they qualify for the student visa or not. You need to show :

  • A recognized school, university, or college where you expected to study. It is called a ‘Confirmation of Acknowledgement for Studies’ (CAS). 
  • Enough funds to support your expenses such as – your course expenses and living costs in the UK. 

Step 2 – The candidates should have all their documents ready.

Step 3 – The applicants need to apply online for the UK Study Visa. The aspirants will need to register themselves and create an account on the official UK student Visa website.

Step 4 – Pay your application charge. You can pay the fees in 4 ways for the UK student visa application fee. 

  • Payment through Standard Chartered Bank – You can pay your expense at a few branches of the Standard Chartered Bank. The candidates can get a demand draft issued by the government in favour of the ‘The British High Commission’.
  • Demand draft from a nationalized or foreign bank – You will be able to pay your charge by getting a demand draft issued by a nationalized or a foreign bank. Bank charges for this benefit will change. The draft must be in favour of the ‘The British High Commission’. 
  • Payment at the visa application centre – Students can pay the UK study visa application expense at the visa application centre after submitting your visa application. 
  • Pay online – Applicants will be able to pay the visa application charge online using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.

Step 5 – Visit the UK study visa application centre on the designated date. You must book an appointment and attend the same at the visa application centre.

Cost of Visa

The fee for the Tier 4 General UK Student Visa is £348 (Approx. Rs 33,349). The aspirants can pay through different methods of instalment –

  • They can pay online using any MasterCard or Visa card. 
  • Students can pay through a demand draft at the UK study visa application centre and any of the chosen branches of Standard Chartered Bank. 
  • Students can also pay in cash at the visa application centre and chosen branches of Standard Chartered Bank.

Documents Required for a UK Study Visa

Applying for a UK student visa requires you to carry a lot more documents in comparison to a traveler visa, by comparison. Applicants need the required documents along with supporting documents related to monetary proofs and academics. Make sure to refer to the UK Student Visa Document checklist before planning a visit to the office. 

  • Passport Details
  • Test results of Tuberculosis
  • Certificate of Criminal record
  • Parents or Legal Guardian Consent Letter for applicants under 18 years.
  • Recent photograph (Passport Sized)
  • Proof of Finance 

UK Study Visa validity

uk student visa

Your Tier 4 UK student visa is valid for the term of the program with an extra four months to wind up your studies. The UKVI moreover offers students an arrangement to modify their Tier 4 visa, in case you would like additional time to complete your course or start a new one. To be qualified for an extension of a UK student visa, students must

  • The candidates must be present in the UK at the time of their application.
  • It is important for the students to fulfil the eligibility requirements of the Tier 4 visa.
  • The aspirants must prove their financial capacity by having a sponsor to fund their studies. 
  • The candidates need to pay some additional charges for a UK study visa extension, which will include nearly –
  1. Extension charge – 475 EUR 
  2. Per year Immigration health surcharge of 300 EUR 
  3.  Biometric verification charge of 19.20 EUR

UK Study Visa – Reasons for rejection

A few of the major reasons why your Tier 4 student visa may get rejected are: 

  1. The candidates should not have any missing documents.
  2. In case of failure to meet their financial requirements.
  3. If the candidates do not clear the interview round. 

Many students dream of getting a UK Student Visa and move ahead in their future by pursuing their choice, of course. The aspirants should fulfill all the criteria and be well prepared so that they do not lack or get rejected at the last minute. We are sure that this piece of information will offer all the knowledge required to clear the UK Student Visa Application without rejection.


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