The Types of Backlinks Your Business Really Need These Days

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Backlinks have become an integral tool to help re-direct and connect businesses with their customers on the internet. They provide your business with vital links to search engines, the higher quality your links are the better business you can expect to grow.

What are backlinks and why are they so important?

Backlinks are any links that you receive or share from a page, to another website and so on. This means if someone links on to your site, then you have a backlink from them and vice versa. These links are understood better as a vote, you vote for a page with your link. Many search engines use backlinks as a signal of content quality and important information, it has also been found that backlinks have a direct correlation with organic search engine rankings.

As these backlinks improve the SEO capabilities of a site, it can make a difference in getting your business known and affiliated with the correct audience. Strong backlinks like those from can increase your businesses rankings in all search engines, making it more accessible and trusted by a wider audience. Through increasing your businesses accessibility, backlinks can increase following, traffic and potential purchases through your webpage with ease. They also influence referral traffic, meaning that anyone who clicks on this link automatically refers this to others, increasing your traffic once again.

The types of backlinks

There are various types of backlinks that can be utilised to increase a business’s following and reach, but some are definitely more influential than others. Below are a few of the different tools that can be used to increase your businesses backlinks.

Guest posts

If you are a new business or brand with a relatively small following, a great way to increase your backlinks would be to post or co-create on other sites. This can be done via a post, such as a blog post or on a brands site or their social media. This is a really easy and effective strategy to increase consumer knowledge and understanding of your brand and to remember your brand name. It is important to keep your guest posts affiliated with brands, blogs and websites that also match with your own business to see a monetary growth too.

Social Media Marketing

This has been deemed by most as the best way to gain backlinks.  It might not ensure that you will get a high page ranking, but it gives your business to exposure it needs and can increase the perceived value of any brand. This also allows for search engines to build trust in your brand name and business site due to an increased social media following and dialogue.

The more brand visibility you have means that you can increase your domains authority and then in turn this can improve search engine optimisation. This means that you can increase your page rankings on search engines without adopting a heavy link profile.

The Skyscraper Technique

If you want to build an organic linked profile, the skyscraper technique is a valuable and effective strategy. It uses reverse engineering to a linkable asset that is already found in your industry, relevant to your niche. Websites like Ubersuggest are a great tool for this, you just search the keyword relating to your business and then you are left with loads of similar sites that offer the same or similar products and services as you.

You can see what content is engaging to a wider audience, then you can try to create a better or similar product or service to that which has received a lot of links. Or contact these pages and link up with them or connect with bloggers and ask them to write about your offerings.

Internal Linking

This is the art of dropping your own links in any new information that you have previously posted to help increase your pages overall search engine optimisation. Through presenting useful, in-depth quality on a subject to your readers you can reduce bounce rates and increase your average on-page time, which is a great help when trying to increase backlinks. It is important to always link your content with relevant content and information and different anchor texts.

Broken Link Building

This a very classic link building and growing strategy used by many, it is so effective because you are adding value to the internet through repairing a broken link. Since you have taken the time to add value to another webpage, the owner will return this favour with a follow link to your own site. This happens more in very competitive niche settings; this is because a lot of articles or links can become broken quickly.


To conclude backlinks can help you get that competitive edge by getting your business well recognised and ranked on search engines. This could be a customer’s reason for choosing you, or a factor of being able to find you to use your services or buy your products. It is important to consider backlinks when developing your own business webpage, especially if you are hoping to sell products from this page. The more exposure and understanding you can receive about your product, the better monetary gains you will receive.


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