Instagram Affiliate Marketing: 5 Tricks to Find Niche Influencers in 2020

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It may seem that finding niche influencers on Instagram is a piece of cake. However, this particular type of marketing is a much more complex thing. Finding influencers to address a niche audience appears to be much more difficult than it looks.

Influencers are those people who get in front of your target audience and represent the brand they are also called as Instagram affiliate marketers, even for a short period of time. They should be super communicative and skilled in reaching out to people. Otherwise, affiliate marketing is a waste of money.

In exchange for this service, your business receives new clientele, increased website traffic, better brand awareness, and, subsequently, grown sales volumes. Influencer marketing is worth investing in. But only if you can find the right people to market your products or services.

In this article, we are going to discuss the issue of influencer marketing in general. There will also be a part with several best tips for developing an effective influencer marketing strategy.

Bearing in mind, that many influencers now use growth services with their accounts – this is fine, if they are legit services like Kicksta. But there are many spammy services out there too.

Influencer marketing is worth investing in

Influencers: Who Are They?

An influencer is a person who has from tens to hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram or other social media. People who follow influencers listen to what they say and believe it. 

Therefore, these niche influencers usually have incredibly loyal audiences. Their opinions and interests are, in many cases, dependent on the ideas and suggestions shared by the influencer.

The range of bloggers who can become a true influencer is much wider now. It can be a celebrity, a social media personality, a made-up character, an industry expert, a brand, etc.

There are no particular criteria that define an influencer. Moreover, the size of the audience also does not help in distinguishing influencers from non-influencers. 

Those who have a small audience are called ‘micro-influencers.’ They can be even more successful in customer engagement than those with larger audiences – for instance, when it comes to some local recs.

How Does Influencer Marketing Work?

Influencer marketing is all about personality and content. To become a successful influencer, one should have charisma, public speaking skills, knowledge of the niche, and leadership skills to guide the crowd.

Moreover, they should also be able to create content that would be nice and clear. No one expects influencers to write academic essays as if they were EssayPro or Assignment partner professionals. Still, they need to know how to grab attention with their posts.

Influencers should know how to spread the word about the brand and what should be done to turn it into word of mouth. Companies start cooperation with influencers for their ability to lead people to their websites.

Influencers are the faces representing the brand, even is it’s in terms of one company only. They should keep abreast of the recent trends, mention the name of the brand regularly, as well as create engaging content about it. 

Ideally, influencers should use the products or services of the brands they partner with themselves. By doing this, they will be able to answer questions from their personal experiences.

When all these criteria are met, influencer marketing can be considered as being able to bring success to the business. Otherwise, a brief mention of the brand with a short glimpse of a particular product will do no good to both social media authority and brand.

How to Find Niche Influencers?

Selecting people or personalities that would represent your brand on Instagram takes time and effort. You need to invest them unless you want to fail with investing your hard-earned money. 

Therefore, the strategy is as follows.

Work on Your Personal Guide

You should develop selection criteria before starting your search for niche influencers. For that, you need to understand your marketing goals. You are only able to find great Instagram influencers when you know what you do it for.

Thus, you should consider what criteria are important for your campaign — for example, the number of followers, marketing content, the relevance of the audience, etc. You can create a table that will further help you rank successful candidates.

However, be aware that the size of the audience is not always your key to success. Influencers, whose audience is smaller but more loyal, can bring you much more benefit than those with millions of subscribers. The relevance of their audience will also be higher.

Analyze Your Audience

If your brand has its Instagram account, finding the right influencer can become even easier. All you need to do is to analyze your followers. Sometimes, real diamonds can be found among dozens of your subscribers.

You should focus on accounts that show interest in your posts. Those people who are already engaged with your account and have their audience can be of help. Sometimes it is even better to invest in several different influencers than searching elsewhere for one.

Even if such a search turned out to be unsuccessful, follow hashtags and related keywords. You will definitely come across someone successful and interested in your products.

Search via an Influencer Network

You will be surprised to find out that there is something like LinkedIn for influencers. Such influencer networks are easy to access and free of charge. The best influencers have their profiles on such networks, where they mention their niche, size of the audience, its main characteristics, and other parameters.

Communicate with Successful Candidates

You can communicate with the candidates you select to see if this influencer is interested in collaborating with your business. Once you are satisfied with offered pricing and conditions, you can make a deal.

Communication is a pretty important step in the process of finding the right influencers. During this stage, you should be able to explain your marketing goals in a clear manner. 

Moreover, if you have second thoughts when handling business issues with a particular influencer, it is better to choose someone else. Both of you should feel that each counterpart is willing to cooperate. This is the key to success.

Analyze Your Competitors

A part of your influencer marketing strategy should be a thorough competitor analysis. Great ideas may come to you if you just observe what other niche representatives are doing in a similar situation.

Compare and contract companies that are your direct competitors. Do not try to follow the strategy of the most popular firm. Do not set it as a benchmark. Remember that it may have absolutely different financial resources and results to achieve. 

If you are looking for an influencer having a limited budget, smaller companies operating in the same niche can be useful to you. Pay attention to their posts, look which accounts they have tagged. 

Sooner or later, you will stumble on several popular Instagram influencers’ accounts. Someone will be just a perfect candidate for the job.

Final Words

It can be hard to find the perfect Instagram influencer for your brand. Sometimes, your niche marketing campaigns will not bear the expected results, especially if you work on a limited budget.

However, the good news is that there are influencers who look for brands in their niche. They can be new to the field and, thus, genuinely interested in mutually beneficial cooperation. 

If you are lucky to find such persons, your cooperation will definitely bring benefits to both sides.

Moreover, if your brand continues to grow thanks to Instagram influencers with smaller audiences, the next step is to offer long-term cooperation to them. Such a relationship usually means appointing Instagram influencers as brand ambassadors.


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