The Future of the Travel Industry after Lock-Down

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2020 has triggered a global economic crisis and proved to have detrimental effects on many business sectors, including the travel industry. The massive scale of the problem is impossible to overlook. With entire societies ordered to stay home and practice self-isolation, a lot of airlines have gone bankrupt, and travel companies and hotels are making many employees redundant. Smaller businesses and cities relying on tourism are struggling to contain the crisis. And the global situation is still far from over, with many new cases reported every day.

The question arises, what will the “new normal” look like? The answer is still unclear. We all know that life after COVID-19 will change, and so will the rules applied to both domestic and international travels. If you want to know what you can expect from the travel industry in the upcoming months, keep on reading.

When Will We Be Able to Travel Freely?

According to experts from Kandoo Adventures, while there’s no conclusive answer to this question, we can expect gradual changes. Every country has a policy on its own, and based on the safety regulations, freedom of travel will vary. As of now, travel recovery happens region by region, depending on the number of cases.

That being said, domestic tourism is expected to recover faster than the international one. Experts predict that international travel may take up to 18 months to fully recover. Due to the pandemic, almost 90% of the world’s population lives in countries which implemented travel restrictions. Keep in mind there are multiple factors that influence the travel industry, from social distancing policies to the reliability of tests. As such, freedom of travel is subject to change.

Train Before the Plane

Unsurprisingly, domestic travel is going to get back to the “new normal” sooner, due to the lack of border control. Even with safety restrictions, people will gladly take any opportunity to get away for a while, just because they can. The train rides are already more comfortable than they used to be. The number of passengers is reduced, and the interiors are aired, cleaned, and disinfected regularly. The wagons are also supposed to be equipped with windows that open.

Let’s talk about prices while we’re at it. The global economy has suffered an enormous blow. As such, you can expect to see the increase in ticket prices, be it train or aircraft. Numerous tourism-related services have gotten more expensive as well, just like services in almost every other business sector. However, people in the travel industry, just like other working people, want to keep their businesses afloat. As a result, you can expect some deals or discounts that are supposed to attract tourists and travelers. You can contribute to the system’s recovery by supporting your local businesses and traveling, as long as it’s safe and possible.

Air Quality

Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer are items everyone now has in their possession. The new safety restrictions are similar worldwide, and authorities keep monitoring the situation, ready to go back to previous, more strict solutions as soon as there’s a spike in the number of cases. As such, the safety of others in public spaces has been greatly emphasized.

Means of transport, such as trains, buses, or planes, are crucial elements in traveling. The travel industry has to bounce back; as such, it has to encourage people to travel and ensure they can do it safely. That’s why you can expect the airlines and other transportation companies to advertise the quality of filtration systems and air onboard. They are also likely to emphasize the cleanliness inside. Hopefully, we’ll be able to enjoy a safe journey in a clean aircraft. 

More Than a Passport

Way back when, a passport or a valid ID was enough to cross the border. Now it’s not the case. Some countries won’t even bother with testing upon arrival – you won’t be able to cross the border without a certificate of immunity or vaccination (once vaccines become available).

Additionally, some travels will become defined by purpose. This is more of a short-term solution, but you can expect that business trips will be more validated than casual travels.

What to Pack?

Passport? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Clothes for sunny and rainy weather? Check. What about a mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, and some wet wipes?

Traveling after the coronavirus pandemic means you’ll have to pack differently. Even at domestic flights or on a train, you’re likely to be required to wear a mask. You’ll see influencers wearing fancy masks, stores advertising new products, and people who thoroughly wipe their tables and seats. 

Sanitary restrictions will differ, depending on the country. This means that aside from the things you’re used to packing, you’ll have to remember about throwing in some additional items that have recently become every person’s staple.

Final Thoughts

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the travel industry took a huge hit. However, it will bounce back eventually. People who have been confined to their homes for so long are more than eager to stretch their wings and change the scenery a bit.

Traveling post-COVID will be different, but it won’t be dangerous. Precautionary measures applied worldwide are designed to keep the virus in check. We all can adapt to this new situation and still be able to travel the world. Next time you land in a new place, maybe you’ll appreciate your travel experience even more!


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