Top 6 Stealthy Ways to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone without Touching It

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No matter how madly you and your boyfriend are in love with each other, cheating can’t be avoided. It’s very evident and many relationships have felt its wrath. You can be its next victim if:

  • Your boyfriend remain busy all through the day with his phone
  • He is hardly bothered about your presence  
  • He has started spending more time outside 

All these are the signs of unforeseen cheating or betraying. Before he walks off that path, you must keep tabs on his activities stealthy and find out what he’s cooking behind your back. 

For this, you need a powerful and viable way out. In case, you have no idea about it, read this article as we’re going to talk about six ways that will help you monitor your boyfriend’s activities without touching his phone. 

#1 – Spyic 

As Spyic is the first option that has managed to offer you a 100% risk-free spying facility, it’s the most deserving candidate for the first place. Millions across the globe have already shown trust in it and enjoyed its endless benefits. 

Seeing the way Spyic has offered the world a simple way to spy on your boyfriend, world media houses like Top10 Reviews and Forbes have spread the positive word of mouth about it.  

Time and again, Spyic has proved that if there is anything in the world that will help you unearth the truth about your boyfriend then it’s only Spyic. 


  • No need to follow a risky path 


Till now, the world was aware of only two ways to spy on someone’s phone: jailbreak and rooting. But, both these ways come with a fair share of hassles and risks. If you’re a novice then dealing with these risks can become a migraine for you. 

Spyic doesn’t let it happen with you as it ditches these two processes by all means. Also, it denies completely saving data on the server while working. This way, it safeguards your crucial information. 

Taking into its secrecy into consideration, you can be fully confident as its stealth mode and the browser-based interface doesn’t let anyone know about your motives. 


  • No need to be a hacking expert 


It’s a common rule that if you want to get success in anything, you must be aware of its nuts and bolts. But having such detailed knowledge about spying is not something that everyone will have easily. Spyic doesn’t let your incompetence keep you away from your motives. 

That’s why Spyic’s developers did everything they could do, to keep its interface straightforward and easy.

Luckily, they tasted success as well. It comes with an interactive dashboard, quick set-up and installation process, and user-friendly interface. You don’t need any special skill sets to run it. 


  • No need to burn all your savings 


Spyic comes with a very pocket-friendly price. At a cost of $10 per month, you can enjoy real-time monitoring on around 35+ activities that your boyfriend must be doing using his phone.

You will be able to find out about his live location, call history, SMSs, social media, and what not at this cost. 


  • Above reproach data delivery 


The first thing that you would expect from your phone spy app is reliable data so that you can comfort your boyfriend with full confidence. Spyic doesn’t disappoint you at this front. It captures every data in real-time and delivers directly on your dashboard. 

#2 – Spyier 

Flawless and impeccable are the words that we would use to introduce Spyier to you. With an above reproach technology, it has made its own mark in the world of phone spying apps and won many hearts across the globe.

Bringing up Spyier into action is as easy as clapping. You don’t have to indulge in long hours set-up and installation processes. Also, no special hardware/software and skills are needed to run it. It is so effortless that tucking up a pony seems a struggle in front of this. 

#3 – Minspy 

Seeing your boyfriend glued to his phone can be annoying. But, don’t get annoyed. Find out the truth using Minspy. This spying app works so stealthy that your boyfriend won’t be able to mark its presence on his phone and continue doing this stuff as usual. 

As every data will be delivered directly on your dashboard, no third person will be able to learn about your secret mission. You can continue spying on your boyfriend without any fears as Spyic doesn’t use jailbreak/rooting and save any data on its servers.

#4 – Spyine

Offering you everything that you will need to find out the true intentions of your boyfriend, Spyine is what we are suggesting next. It’s a very futuristic phone spy app that has a novel technology at its core.  

As Spyine’s core technology is free from jailbreak/rooting, you can use it without any qualms and fears. Millions have already done that. With the help of Spyine, you can keep an eye on around 35+ phone activities. In a nutshell, you will get most of your investments. 

#5 – Neatspy 

An ideal blend of technological advancement and human acumen, Neatspy is here to help you spy on your boyfriend without any hassles. Its inventive technology doesn’t demand an hour’s long access to your boyfriend’s phone to hack it. 

Without keeping you stuck in a tedious set-up and installation process, Neatspy will be at your service at the drop of a hat. 

#6 – ClickFree 

ClickFree is a modern-era phone spying app that will help you find out what your boyfriend is cooking behind your back. Based on its real-time data, you can find out whether he is planning to betray your trust or not. 

It captures data in real-time. No loopholes and complexities are involved.


Bringing up the truth on the surface is easier than you think!

The idea of spying on someone’s phone fills your mind with so many fears. And all these fears are genuine and bother you if you’re not doing things in the right manner.

With our hand-picked options, no such fears are going to follow you when you decide to spy on your boyfriend’s phone. 

Our first option, Spyic is a state-of-art tool that never lets you down. All the other five picks are equally good and can be trusted blindly. But, don’t think of taking up any other option into considerations as its consequences can be lethal. 


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