Top 6 Secrets to Become a Successful Video Marketer – Have A Look!

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Today the conventional notions are increasingly being challenged in today’s market. What was
the set norm for yesteryear is not so for today. Relevance and obsolescence are the core
struggles of marketing techniques in today’s age. 

As the average consumer is becoming smarter every day, the conceptions to sale and
marketing are being revisited and changed. With many new and effective techniques coming up
these days, the most effective technique is video selling. 
This has become one of the essential channels for contemporary marketers because of its
ability to create direct communication with the prospect and a lasting impact.
You may be facing many questions and doubts over video selling. However, with the following
enumerated ways, you can chart your success soon through video marketing.
Base Your Content on a Central Theme
Earlier popular modes of advertisement would include slots in print and televised media. This

conventional technique is brought to life again through video selling. Videos on social platforms
help brands to reach the wide audience directly as they were in televised adverts. 
This means that advertising content on popular video platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube
makes a mark like entertainment videos. However, based on a central theme, content is valued
more by the viewer than random and sporadic videos. 
If your video does not connect with the audience on a central theme or story, it is more likely not
to rouse any interest at all. The best videos are contents that connect with the viewers on a
central story. Therefore, making videos only about sales and marketing statistics is dubbed
boring and most likely to be ignored.
Make Every Minute Count
A popular blog survey found that the average viewer has an attention span of merely 8.5

seconds. Since your viewer’s attention span is short, the onus on the creator is to make brief yet
interesting videos. 
While planning and scripting your content if you must communicate what the video is about in
the opening seconds. To your audience, this is crucial in deciding whether what they’re
watching is worth their time or not. 

Your videos must be able to communicate all you want to say and yet capture your viewer’s
attention. The secret to creating an impactful content is to bring the story to the central theme
quickly. This will help you garner even those viewers you are casually scrolling through their
An outro maker can help you create such short and engaging videos that spike the viewers’
interest. A crisp and interesting exit video is more likely to generate more subscribers than any
other conventional mediums. Click here to learn more about this.
Make Your Videos Fun and Interesting
Video selling is all about piquing, stimulating your viewer’s interest, and engaging with them. A
dull and boring video accomplishes nothing. Therefore, the mantra to sell right is to sell

interestingly. Unless your videos are fun and interesting, why should your viewers watch it? You
can use humor and satire, upload an interesting thumbnail or hook video, and much more.
A hook can be made with an intro maker and is a short preview of what the video entails. You
can know more about an intro maker on the internet. This helps your viewer understand what
the content is about and decide whether to watch it. Needless, to mention a good hook video
can help your viewers get hooked on to your content and subscribe to your channels, thereby
popularizing it.

Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube enable you to create thumbnails as video icons. A
thumbnail is an image icon that represents your video. A thumbnail is an important part of your
video because it serves as a teaser before the real content and helps strike a crucial first
impression in your viewers’ minds.

Target the Right Audience for You

Social media features enable you to select the right audiences for the content. Facebook and
other similar platforms have targeting features that enable selecting audience categories for
every post and page. 
It also helps if you can customize the audience selection for people who can watch your video
content. This way, by sharing highly targeted content, your videos become popular with your
viewers. For example, if your video content is customized and targeted for 18-26 ages, it will be
available to only these age groups on their news feeds.
However, there exists a marked distinction between limiting the posts and targeting the posts.
Limiting the reach of your content affects the reach of a larger audience. By targeting a post,
unlike limiting, your content is available for all to see but shows up specifically in the news feed
of your intended audience.

Optimize Your Content

When you create video content, you want your target audience to find it and watch it. Although
there is nothing like an organic reach but to jump the curve, you must use the right keywords.
Optimizing your search queries with a specific set of keywords is one way to direct viewer traffic
onto your video. 
Another way to do it is to optimize content with CTAs. Calls to Action (CTA) could include
features like a subscription of channels, following/liking pages, sharing, commenting, etc.
A popular app found that 95.9% CTAs at the end of the video results in more viewer

Create an Impact – Collaborate!

Today a lot of people trust reviews instead of advertisements. When a trusted influencer
recommends something, for the average viewer, it becomes ore genuine and trustworthy.
Therefore, a highly productive way to sell through videos is by partnering with new-age
Today, influencers have such an impact on people that the brand equity and trust of the
consumer reside on the word of mouth of the influencer, no matter how elite the brand may be.
For example, Youtuber Casey Neistat was roped in by Nike for launching and popularizing
its FuelBand fitness tracker.


While videos are an interesting way to sell your products, you should not deviate from the
underlying objective. The main emphasis should always be on engaging and attracting viewers
and not selling. Video content that is more focused on the sale than the audience tends to fail


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