Top 10 Tips For The Perfect Gender Reveal

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Gender reveal is one of the most exciting things for many parents. While you can wait for a few weeks, or even months before doing the reveal, most parents can hardly wait to know if it is a boy or a girl. Many people take a lot of planning and preparation to do the reveal. Outlined below are a few tips to help make a memorable gender reveal.

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Remind the doctor to keep it a secret: The last thing you want is your doctor to use words (unintentionally) that suggest the gender of the baby. It would thus be best to remind the doctor to keep it a secret or let him/her know you are planning a gender reveal party.

Ask the doctor to put it in a sealed envelope. Promise each other (you and your significant other) not to peek until an agreed time.

Don’t worry about the size. Although many people would wish to have a gender reveal party with most, if not all, of their friends and family present, we would suggest keeping it small and manageable. You could make it an intimate affair to ensure you get enough time to soak at the moment. Nonetheless, you could nail just the perfect photo of the reveal and share it on social media.

Make a game out of it. You could make the party more interesting by asking the attendees to share what their prediction is. Be sure to use a chalkboard to keep the tally to make the competition even more interesting.

Enlist a trusted photographer. While you could still use the services of a professional photographer, you can still ask anyone in the family/group with exceptional photography skills to help capture the moment. You’ll be surprised how good some of these photos look.

Have a family photo with props once the secret is out. DIY banners are relatively easy to make for such occasions. Here is a great place to order gender reveal powder cannons for your reveal.

Consider gender-neutral décor options for the party. This will make it harder for anyone to guess the gender.

Add some excitement on the actual reveal. Doing so will make the party worthwhile. Adding some surprised or happy faces to the mix will do too.

Prepare for post-reveal baby name suggestions. Name suggestions help add some thrill to the party. You, however, need to be on the same page with your significant other on this. You can choose to share the name with the others or not.

Set expectations on how much pink or blue gifts you’d want in the next few months. You can plan or create a registry to help the guests choose gifts that would be relevant for the body. These could be yellows, greys, etc, use the relevant color Bargain Balloons to attract guests., meant to complement girl/boy themes.

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