Tik Tok: Will Your Favorite App Be Banished?

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It’s the latest social media app to take our country by storm, especially since the pandemic hit and millions of people were on lockdown––it’s Tik Tok. Influencers from Gen Z are using bots to generate more views. Read more here. However, the user focus of Tik Tik is also growing.

The app has reached over 2 billion subscribers, so maybe you’re among the many that have tortured themselves by trying to learn the latest dance craze, or perhaps you’re simply there to scroll and laugh.  

To be honest, the app is quite addictive, and that has to be why the average time each user spends on the app is at least 52 minutes!

If you love Tik Tok, you’ll be upset to hear that the US Government is considering a ban on the app because there’s reason to believe that the app is faulty in its process of handling user data. 

The parent company of Tik Tok is Beijing based company, ByteDance, which has affiliations with the Chinese Communist Party. The US government believes that this relationship poses a threat to American intelligence. 

If you’re not familiar with Tik Tok, let us bring you up to speed and familiarize you with the app and its features. 

What Is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is basically a lip-syncing app where users can make short videos with filters and effects. Many users have gotten pretty creative with their editing techniques and can create some cool stuff. 

On Tik Tok, users can find music clips and video clips from their favorite films. They can even take the audio from their favorite Tik Tok videos and re-make them in their own way. Users also have the option to perform duet videos with other users and share the video via Instagram, Facebook, text message, email, or just save it to their device. 

Tik Tok Features

Here are some of the features users enjoy while using Tik Tok. 

  • Video Editing: Tik Tok has an enhanced set of AR effects (like Snapchat) that users can use to change certain aspects of their appearance. 
  • Video Uploading: Users can share Tik Tok videos through various outlets such as text, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 
  • QR Scanner: This is a neat little feature that allows users to send their profile directly to friends, so they don’t have to endlessly search for them. 
  • Duet Option: Users can make videos with their friends and share them.
  • Live Stream: This is a premium option that allows users to receive coins from their fans (similar to Only Fans). 
  • Soundtracks and Voice-Over Options: Perhaps the coolest option in Tik Tok is the vast assortment of movie soundtracks, songs, and even the option to re-record over other users’ sounds. 

What Is The Chinese Communist Party and What Threat Do They Pose? 

The Chinese Communist Party is the 2nd-largest political party in the world, and it’s also the founding party of the country. It was started as a political movement by revolutionaries such as Li Dazhao and Chen Duxiv. 

You’re probably wondering how the Chinese Communist party poses any threat to the US, and how that threat manifests itself through an app who’s primary demographic age is 16-24. Well, it seems that the Chinese government is suspected of trying to steal American’s personal information from the app. 

Back in 2017, the Chinese government plotted to steal the information from over 150 million Americans from Equifax, and the FBI says that if you’re an adult, it’s likely they already have your information. China has made it a priority to become the global leader in artificial intelligence, and they feel that they need to hone in on America’s intelligence to further support their own efforts. 

Overall, China has a long history of trying to infiltrate different social media platforms to gain insight into sensitive American intelligence information. They’ve also been caught poaching information from government agencies. 

This is a valid reason for the government to be agitated and rather over-protective in regards to China, but is it enough to make over 200 billion users stop using the app? 

This is the reason that the ban is proposed. The government knows that this wildly popular app will not be abandoned so quickly, which is why they are seeking the route that they are looking down.

Things To Remember

You might believe that situations like this do not affect you because you’re just one single individual in such a vast country. But if your personal information is compromised, you’ll be spending a lot of time and effort trying to clean your credit up and separate yourself from fraudulent activity surrounding your personal information. 

Situations and conversations like this are enough to conjure up feelings of anxiety and discomfort. If that is the case, we ask–––have you ever tried a CBD vape pen?

CBD vape pens go to work quickly and are super discreet. Who knows, maybe you can make a cool Tik Tok video about it while Tik Tok is still around? 


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