The Most Popular Gaming Chairs in 2020

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An often overlooked aspect of the gaming experience that seasoned veterans of the hobby will point to as one of the most important ones for both competitive and casual players alike is comfort. Without it, even the best and most engaging games are going to feel less immersive, as if the entire experience was missing one, final piece that makes everything come together. 

If you’ve been a gamer for a while now, then you most likely know how valuable comfortable gaming chairs are, especially during long, drawn-out sessions. It is no secret that spending long stretches of time in the seated position, completely motionless is not the healthiest activity out there. 

However, gaming is so much more than just a lazy past-time — it enhances your hand-eye coordination, encourages quick problem solving and develops spatial thinking skills. Ensuring the proper conditions for your gaming sessions will help minimize the detrimental effects, as well as provide the best possible environment to enjoy your favorite games. 

The gaming equipment market is an industry in and of itself. There are hundreds of manufacturers who create and sell some of the best (and worst) pieces of gear out there, unbelievable, but even gaming chairs with speakers already exist. If you’re serious about upgrading your comfort game but aren’t sure which chair you should buy, check out this list of gaming chair suggestions for every budget!

The Budget One: Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

If you are strapped for cash right now, but still desire to upgrade your gaming environment in the form of a brand new chair, you can’t really go wrong with the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair. 

With a lumbar and neck pillow, as well as a design that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie, it might be easy to mistake this chair for one of the more expensive options. It does have its shortcomings, one of the most prominent ones being the lack of adjustability and padding in the armrest department, the Devoko is certainly the best possible choice if you want to fit your purchase within the $100 range. 

In addition to the spacey look and a very attractive price ($99 might not even get you two full games these days), this chair is fairly customizable, with the option to adjust both the lumbar and neck pillows to your liking. It will definitely withstand very long sessions and can serve you well for years to come. 

The Reasonable One: Umi Essentials Gaming Chair

This chair was produced by the king of retail: Amazon. Slightly more expensive than the aforementioned budget option, the Umi Essentials Gaming Chair is a very comfortable and stylish choice.

With fully adjustable armrest, as well as the lumbar and neck pillows, this chair is a steal at just ~ $204! The pillows are soft, yet not too soft as to decrease the overall sturdiness of the chair. In layman’s terms — they are just right. 

The chair’s base is, in Amazon’s own words, “heavy duty”. The casters at the bottom ensure maximum stability even during some of the most heated moments, when you’re uncontrollably moving around in your chair. Not only does it make for a comfortable chair then, but it also prevents you from losing progress by losing balance! 

At around 200 dollars, the Umi is truly essential for gamers looking for a reasonably priced, durable chair. If your budget allows it, then the choice between the Devoko and Umi is really a no-brainer. 

The Pimped-Out One: Secretlab Titan 

Now, if you (or your parents) are doing very well for yourself and money is not an issue when it comes to purchasing gaming equipment, then there really is but one possible option for you: the Secretlab Titan. 

It comes in two options with slightly different price tags. The first one, made out of synthetic leather, costs just a dollar shy of $400, while the “Softweave”, fabric version is thirty dollars costlier at $429. They are both equally comfortable, and if you are not a fabric enthusiast or aren’t allergic to synthetic leather, then there really is no reason for you to opt for the more expensive version. 

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Titan is the lack of a lumbar pillow, present in all of the previous models reviewed in this article. Even though this seemingly crucial piece of every gaming chair is missing in Secretlab’s most recent product, its ergonomics more than make up for it. This has got good reviews on Wired Shopper you can check out.. 

Instead of opting for a regular lumbar pillow, support in that area is provided by a knob located on the side of the chair. It lets you regulate lumbar support and the chair’s firmness in that space without unnecessary bulk that would take away from the Titan’s clever and sleek design. 

Get comfortable!

Each and every one of the chairs described above will do the job of keeping the right posture and making sure you stay comfortable during those sweet, prolonged gaming sessions. 

Do keep in mind that the quality of your chair does not necessarily have to have a positive impact on your skills! Regardless of whether you’re rocking a Umi chair or the Secretlab Titan, your experience will be defined by the effort you put into it. 


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