The Best Home Security Systems for Your Vacation Home Rentals

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Securing or safeguarding a vacation home rental from natural disasters, vandalism, and burglary is one of the major problems that owners face. These properties are typically far from the owners’ first homes, making it a real challenge to secure and protect the property round the clock. 

The good news is that there are a lot of brand-new, modern technologies that can aid in keeping your vacation home rentals safe and secure. With the help of these technologies, you can arm and disarm your rental property remotely, save money on your utilities, and welcome guests to your vacation home rental property.

In this post, we’ve listed some of the best home security systems for your vacation homes. Read on to know more!


This home security system provides professional and comprehensive security for your vacation home rental properties. Vivint has plenty of favorable and beneficial features, making it perfect for vacation homes. 

Take the Vivint doorbell camera, for example. It allows you to see and greet guests when they arrive or leave. Also, you can use this equipment to know whether your guests are carrying pets into your rental property or not. Plus, you can determine how many people are entering and leaving your rental. 

Moreover, the Vivint doorbell camera aids in providing protection and security against pets or intruders in your vacation home rental property. What’s more, you can talk to your guests through the Vivint Ping Camera. 

The camera has a two-way talk feature. As such, if your guests need anything, they can easily and quickly inform you. Moreover, Vivint lets you get rid of key exchanges because rental guests can directly enter through a keyless entry code. Read a more thorough review of this product to learn more.


If you’re looking for affordable, low-cost protection for your vacation rental, then Simplisafe is the perfect option for you. This security system provides reliable, comprehensive security at an affordable price because there are no hidden fees, long-term contracts, and installation fees.

Simplisafe is ideal for rental owners who simply want to secure their property against vandalism and burglary. This home security system offers multiple backup protections that will keep the system online in the event of a natural disaster or intentional tampering.


What makes this security system excellent for vacation and rental properties? ADT offers live streaming video, disaster protection, and burglary detection. You can arm and disarm the system wherever you are, keeping the rental property safe and secure, especially when it’s vacant. 

Moreover, through your tablet, smartphone, or computer, you can easily watch live footage wherever you are. What’s more, this security system offers a video doorbell, allowing you to view who’s at the door of your rental anytime.

Also, ADT lets you record and keep live video footage. This live video clip can be very helpful and favorable if you need to appeal a guest for reimbursement. If you’re not satisfied with the service during the six months after installation, ADT will refund your monitoring and installation fees. 

Additionally, the security company will give you a Homeowner’s Insurance Certificate. You can show this to your insurance company to get a discount.

Protect America

This security system offers a customizable, inexpensive system that’s based on your security needs. Protect America boasts an easy do-it-yourself installation. Thus, you don’t need to pay for hefty installation fees. 

Also, you can control and regulate the security system via an iOS app and an Android app wherever you are. The low-cost security plans offer strong security against vandalism and burglary. At only $19.99 per month, you can benefit from professional monitoring. 

With the basic security system, there’s no upfront fee. The best plan for rental and vacation homes is the highest tier plan because it has features such as HD video monitoring and smart door locks.


This security system offers custom-made home protection for vacation home properties. You can select the level of security that you like relying upon the size of your property. Frontpoint features a portable system, easy, DIY set up, and professional monitoring. 

What’s more, Frontpoint has three distinct monitoring plans. As such, you can select the level of security that you need for your property. Also, it offers plenty of services and features such as automated door locks, environmental protection, remote video monitoring, and many more.

But it’s crucial to keep in mind that you’ll need to buy the most expensive plan to leverage these features. Nonetheless, Frontpoint is a superb option for vacation and rental properties.


Equipping the rental property with a home security system can make it easier for both the owner and the guests to protect the property. The home security systems mentioned in this article let you automate your vacation home rental access entirely and secure the property remotely.


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