Taylor Momsen Nude – In ‘HEAVEN KNOWS’ Video

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According to the music video, Taylor Momsen nude body is covered by minor body paint. Eventually, the singer opens her dark robe to the viewers despite the fact that she was naked. Despite her nudity, Taylor Momsen features with a lot of eye make-up than usual. However, the body peeks that she presents is short but memorable to the audience. As such, the singer’s important body parts are simply covered in body paint which was in the shape of a cross.

On the other hand, Taylor’s nudity is considered to correspond with the band’s album cover. Eventually, she is seen showing her skin with her backside containing a black arrow painting facing downwards. The singer defended herself by arguing that she has always focussed on music as part of her career despite the fact that Taylor’s fans may take long to get used to her new look. Momsen quit acting and joined Gossip Girl at the age of 12, which was the beginning of her music career.

As such, Taylor is no longer Little J that featured in Gossip Girl considering that the nude video changed many individuals’ perception in the end. She appears extremely opposite of the character that she portrayed to her fans. Taylor took away her reputation due to nudity that she revealed through the music video. Taylor Momsen’s nudity is a close match to the band’s new album known as ‘Going To Hell’ which was launched in March. The cover shot used offers reference to the iconic image of naked women with strategic albums painted across their backs.

Taylor Momsen Nude – Videos

The singer has caused critics to relate her nudity to the controversies that have recently been surrounding Milley Cyrus. However, she confessed to Bang Showbiz that the comparison is irrelevant considering that what the two individuals participate in is so different. Additionally, she claimed that her aim was not to shock but create a beautiful image to the audience. Therefore, she concluded that every artist is different thus whatever works for a particular individual may not work for another.

It is clear that numerous entertainers that indulge in acting and music do not hide their character. The music video relies on the theme going to Hell which reveals a rebellious character in the end. The crucifix tattoo reveals symbolism considering that the arrow pointing downwards reveals a particular declaration. The singer seems reckless among many individuals but she stands firm in regards to her traits. She is confident since she claims that she has to follow the path to her music career.


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