Pros and Cons of Swift Programming Language

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The newest and most modern programming language was created by Apple. By introducing this language at a regular conference in 2014, Apple made a splash. It is the most understandable and widely used open-source programming language. Swift uses secure programming patterns and adds modern features. This is why creating apps has become a fun experience. With Swift, work is done quickly and efficiently.

The main philosophy of the language is its simplicity, speed and security. The threshold of entry has changed upwards, compared to the same Objective C – even without knowing any other programming languages ​​or basics, you can safely start learning the language.

Apple has made the language as simple as possible for developers: the syntax has become cleaner, which increases the readability of the code for both experienced and novice programmers. The total amount of code has decreased, resulting in improved performance. All the methods that were used in Objective C. The Swift development company is constantly being developed and updated, which speaks of its reliability and focus on the future.

Swift programming language pros and cons

What is Swift and Why Should you Use it?

Why use swift? Developers use this programming language to write mobile applications for phones, smartwatches and Apple computers.

At the same time, Swift is very easy to learn and lends itself to even completely inexperienced programmers. It is the most powerful programmable language that combines all the best qualities of its predecessors. Apple made Swift from the start and brought it to powerful perfection. Many developers have already appreciated the fast work and innovative functionality of the programming language.

Allows you to create and deploy programs to mobile and other devices. At the same time, the work goes very quickly, smoothly and naturally. At the same time, it is very understandable both for experienced programmers and for completely new ones who have just to learn a programming language.

Moreover, the language is constantly evolving, as well as the company that created it. Apple is the most successful company and plans to scale the language in the future. It is possible that Swift will work on both Windows and Android. So far, these are only guesses, but if you pay attention to how quickly Apple itself is developing and how much their devices are in demand around the world, we can conclude that the programming language can be expanded.

Pros of Using Swift for iOS Development

This modern and powerful programming language has a number of advantages of swift programming language that set it apart from others or the same Objective-C. And these are new powerful language features, extremely strict data typing, more laconic syntax, significantly higher performance in operations for accessing collections (sorting and searching), support for a certain majority of modern syntactic constructions that exist in other high-level programming languages. And one of the main features of Swift is that it is fully backward compatible with Objective-C. Thus, it allows you to gradually rewrite projects from one language to another, and also makes it possible to use the Objective-C functionality inside Swift itself.

The dark side of the language is its low popularity and low prevalence. Most of the current projects are written in Objective-C and will have to be maintained for the benefits of swift, and many companies do not rewrite their large projects just because it is a huge and incredibly time-consuming process.

Summary: Can Swift be the Future of iOS Development?

Apple has made the transition from using static libraries to dynamic ones and has added this functionality to its programming language, which means its development is faster than iOS itself. Now developers can easily submit their application along with the libraries they have written. Previously, it was required to wait for a new iOS release, but now the situation with has changed. Dynamic libraries provide the opportunity for more flexible improvements and changes in your code than ever.


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