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Proven Compliance Solutions is in the Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services industry and is based in Spokane, Washington. 

PCS was founded in 2010 by a group of seasoned compliance experts that are still making a positive impact in the utilities industry to success. The PCS team has over 300 years of combined industry expertise in virtually every facet of the power system, including generator and transmission system operations, technical writing, marketing, and regulatory compliance.

Who are Proven Compliance Solutions?

Proven Compliance Solutions is composed of a group of highly qualified subject matter experts, former regulators, compliance officers/managers, and software and IT experts. They reduce the complexity of compliance and lowers the cost of compliance for businesses. 

They also have vast and broad electric utility experience in both O&P and CIP, as well as a passion for assisting businesses in managing the ever-increasing weight of regulatory compliance.

Services by Proven Compliance Solutions

Proven Compliance Solutions (PCS) is the industry leader in NERC compliance support in all areas. The testimony comes from clients and regional audit outcomes. PCS creates Quality Procedures to help you enhance your operations as well as your compliance efforts. Here’s a list of services that they provide you with, mentioned below:

Compliance Programme Management

Success to Compliance Programme Management

PCS aids with the production and implementation of required compliance paperwork following a PCS assessment of the client’s current compliance. PCS provides continuing assistance by collaborating with the client’s people. 

Compliance Audit

PCS conducts Compliance Assessments as well as Mock Audits. For each Reliability Standard to be evaluated, the technique uses a unique combination of NERC provided material, including the NERC Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets (RSAWs), their own lists of suitable paperwork, and client evidence/documents. PCS provides on-the-spot feedback for all presentation materials that our client intends to use in their actual audit, subject matter expert coaching on the appropriateness of responses to auditor questions, and a realistic assessment of the client’s chances of proving compliance during an actual audit.

Compliance Implementations

The review, or “gap analysis,” produces a complete report with recommendations for achieving compliance and spreading a good message about the client’s “Culture of Compliance” throughout the organisation.The quantity of internal and external development that results is up to the client. The ultimate goal is to use PCS’ skills and experience to help customers develop long-term business practises that will assure continued compliance.

Compliance Developments

Compliance Developments to success

PCS gives personal help in programme design as well as the option to become a part of an ongoing service that provides ongoing access to teams of actual compliance professionals. Ongoing services can also be used to keep abreast of rule changes, current regional audit results, assistance in developing processes, procedures, and training, and serve as a primary point of contact for interpretation, audit preparation, mitigation efforts, and any other compliance requirements that may arise.

Cyber Security

PCS has extensive experience with NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). CIP Compliance Assessments – Document Review Only (Onsite or Offsite), Full Compliance Assessment (Onsite – including field testing/SME interviews), and Mock Audit – Identical to an audit by a Regional Entity are all services offered by PCS. PCS also provides CIP Policy/Procedure Development, CIP Implementation, and a variety of CIP Services.


They are incredibly accommodating, thorough, and patient. The availability is excellent, and the staff is quite accommodating. Very knowledgeable, and if they are doubtful of something, they conduct study to get the best response or course of action. PCS provides you with compliance interpretations based on years of auditing experience, as well as procedures and practices that provide you peace of mind. 

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