Where to Stay in Singapore: The Ultimate Guide

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Singapore is a tiny city, and you can see the main sights in a few days, but there are so many distinctive neighborhoods that wandering between the districts will make you feel like you’ve visited many nations. Choosing a location to call home may be difficult. You can go and check on different websites such as to make it easy for you in finding your best hotel. However, We’ve put up a reference to the various districts of the city to help you make a more informed decision on where to stay in Singapore. 


This lovely riverbank setting provides something for everyone. There’s never a boring moment in Clarke Quay, with everything from outdoor restaurants to boutique boutiques, pulsating nightclubs to adrenaline-fueled sports.

With its lovely riverbank location and gorgeous architecture, this region is a favourite among Instagrammers. This is a fantastic central location, with many of the major attractions within walking distance. You’re also close to Marina Bay, but you won’t have to pay a premium to stay there!


Marina bay is a leader in Singapore rapid growth

Marina Bay has experienced a major transition and is now a leader in Singapore’s rapid growth. It’s the pinnacle of modernism, and it’s home to some of the city’s most notable architectural marvels. Marina Bay Sands is the bay’s focal point and is recognised for altering Singapore’s ever-expanding skyline.

This integrated resort offers premium accommodations in three massive buildings with a boat-like structure balancing on top. This is the resort’s crown jewel: a rooftop pool with panoramic views of the city!


A 2.2-kilometer tree-lined promenade that serves as a fantastic starting point for exploring the city. It will be difficult to draw yourself away from the nearly 5000 places offering some form of entertainment.

The Singapore Art Museum, the National Museum of Singapore, and The Istana, which houses the President of Singapore’s office, are all located in this neighbourhood.


Little India is the most dynamic and colourful part in Singapore. This quarter, in contrast to the rest of the city, is a lively maze of tiny lanes lined with market booths, temples, and eateries. Little India has managed to preserve its own culture. With modern street art and cafés hidden between age-old temples and market vendors, it’s a tantalising mix of old and new. It’s also one of the smaller districts, making it easy to see on foot or by bike in a day or two.


This isn’t your typical Chinatown. This district has a vibrant multi-ethnic culture that is openly shown. While this was traditionally a Chinese immigrant settlement region, there are other cultural gems in this region. It is the only Chinatown in the world where you can walk down the same street and find a Buddhist temple, a mosque, and a Hindu temple.


BUGIS AND KAMPONG GLAM served as an ethnic enclave for the Muslim population

These two different neighbourhoods previously served as an ethnic enclave for the Muslim population, but have now amalgamated to become a melting pot of religion, architecture, shopping, and food. Mosques, carpet stores, and Middle Eastern food lined the streets in the past, while shisha and apple tea served as after-dinner entertainment. However, in recent years, the neighbourhood has witnessed a surge in cocktail bars and live music venues with a bohemian ambiance.


Sentosa has evolved into a sunny island with adrenaline-pumping attractions, theme parks, lush rainforests, quiet nature walks, and white sand beaches over the years.

Sentosa Island is a popular destination for families searching for a resort-style base from which to see the finest of Singapore.


This is the birthplace of modern Singapore and is located in the city’s centre. Some of Singapore’s most historically significant sites, including prominent government buildings, memorials, parks, and intriguing museums, may be found here.

After a vast four-year makeover, the National Gallery of Singapore currently stands in place of the City Hall and the previous Supreme Court. The world’s largest collection of Southeast Asian art may be found here.


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