Static Proxies: Pros and Cons

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You have probably heard the word proxies and the benefits that they have in providing online anonymity. But did you know that the different kinds of proxies in the market have varying strengths and weaknesses? The type of proxy you use for your business project, such as web scraping, could affect its success or failure.  

The difference between shared proxies and dedicated proxies, for instance, goes beyond cost. Dedicated proxies are more reliable than shared proxies. They have higher uptime, have a lesser risk of being banned, and are relatively faster than shared proxies.

The same case applies to the two main types of proxies – residential and data center proxies. While residential proxies are reliable, they do not provide the speed that data center proxies have. And data center proxies may be fast, but when it comes to high reliability, they fail the test.

What else would be better than a proxy that combines the strengths of both residential and data center proxies? This is what static proxies, also known as static residential proxies, offer.

Static residential proxies, like residential proxies, are provided by internet service providers. They are real and authentic. These proxies originate from data center proxies, making them as fast as their counterparts. They come with an IP address that does not change for as long as you work with it. 

Businesses can put static residential proxies into two main uses. 

1) Social Media Management

Operating a social media account from different IP addresses can raise suspicion and result in a banned account. As a business with several social media accounts, you can assign a static proxy for each account and operate it for as long as needed.

2) Accessing Geo-specific Content When Web Scraping

By using a static proxy assigned to a specific geographical location, you can scrape more extensive and location-specific data, which a rotating proxy might compromise. And using a legitimate IP address eliminates the risk of being detected. 

The Pros of Static Residential Proxies

Let’s look at five reasons why you should use static residential proxies.

1) They Are Fast

A speedy connection is beneficial to a business’s productivity. Static residential proxies come with the speed of data center proxies. They will quicken your web scraping project and enable your employees to work faster. Although this high speed makes it easy to detect data center proxies, it does not have the same effect on static residential proxies. And this brings us to the next advantage of these proxies.

2) Reliability

Like we mentioned earlier, static residential proxies give us the best of data center proxies and residential proxies. Residential proxies are provided by internet service providers, making them legitimate, hard to detect, and reliable. This characteristic is also present in static residential proxies. Website administrators view static residential proxies as the real IP address of the browser and will have no reason to ban it.   

3) High Anonymity

The main reason for using proxies is getting the anonymity you need to browse websites. Given that static residential proxies are assigned by internet service providers, they give the impression of an authentic user. Unlike data center proxies that have an artificial appearance, static residential proxies provide a solid mask to hide your real identity.

4) 99.9% Uptime

Static residential proxies carry the power of both residential and data center proxies. Given the speed of data center proxies and the reliability of residential proxies, you will experience no delays when carrying out tasks. Websites will treat you as a genuine user, and the constant IP address makes it possible for classified websites to whitelist your IP. 

5) It is Excellent for Server Hosting

 In case you are hosting a web server or email server, having a static IP makes it easier for clients to find you. It also makes it smoother to use applications that use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), such as Skype and Voice Chat. This enables better communication with your prospects and customers.   

Cons of Static Proxies

We would be lying if we gave the impression that static residential proxies have no downsides.

Static residential proxies involve using one IP address for long periods. It makes you vulnerable to data miners. 

A static IP also makes it hard to bypass limits placed on websites. For instance, some website administrators only allow a given amount of content to be downloaded by each visitor. With dynamic IPs, you can renew the IP address and download more content, but this is impossible when using a static proxy. 


We would not be wrong to refer to static proxies as ‘the hybrid of proxies’. They combine the best features of residential proxies and datacenter proxies. This makes them fast, reliable, and anonymous. They also make it possible to use VoIP apps smoothly. 

The limitation to the number of IP addresses you can use restricts the amount of content you can download from certain websites and leaves you vulnerable to data mining.  However, the pros far outweigh the cons, making static residential proxies is definitely worth the investment. 

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