Send faxes from Outlook within 1 minute: easily and securely (With pics)

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Online fax services allow anyone to fax from their devices. Today, professionals and businesses don’t require traditional fax machines to meet their faxing needs. You can even send faxes from your email address. 

Online fax services turn any internet-enabled device into a premium fax machine. They allow users to fax from web browsers. Online fax service translates fax from analog to digital and vice versa. 

In this post, you will learn the process of sending faxes from your Outlook account fast. For this article, we will be using one of the best online fax services for faxing online. 

CocoFax – Fast and convenient online fax service 

CocoFax is a trustworthy online fax service that allows you to send and receive faxes. According to GoogleFaxFree, over a million users trust and use CocoFax for their faxing needs. GoogleFaxFree is a blog about internet faxing. 

Media houses like Forbes recommend CocoFax. What’s more, GoogleFaxFree teaches you how to fax from Outlook. CocoFax lets you fax from any device with access to the internet, as this fax blog indicates. 

With CocoFax, you get a free fax number and a 30-day free trial period. Also, it instantly sends faxes to recipients over the internet. Besides support for faxing from email, CocoFax allows users to fax from the CocoFax dashboard. 

To learn more about online fax service on GoogleFaxFree, navigate here

Requirements for sending faxes from Outlook

You need a few things to start faxing from your Outlook account. Here is what you need: 

  • An Outlook account 
  • Internet-enabled device 
  • Fax number 
  • Online fax service – CocoFax (Recommended)

How to send a fax from Outlook within 1 minute using CocoFax 

It takes a few easy steps to send a fax from your Outlook account. Here are the steps involved: 

Step 1: First, signup for a CocoFax account. During signup, you will get 30 days of a free trial. Also, CocoFax gives you a free fax number and the chance to choose a custom fax number. 

Make sure, you register using your Outlook email address you want to use for your faxing needs. 

Step 2: Second, log in to your Outlook account. To start crafting new faxes, open a new email window. Provide the necessary details starting with the fax number of the recipient’s fax number in the ‘To’ field. 

Make sure you include at the end of the recipient fax number. For instance, if the fax number is 12345 then the fax number in the ‘To’ field should be [email protected].

To include a note in your fax, fill its content in the Subject field. The note will be at the top of the fax. Also, to add a cover page in your fax, provide its details in the email body section. 

Lastly, you can attach documents to your fax such as .doc, .xls, pdf, jpg, and png. CocoFax supports all these file formats and even allows you to attach multiple files. 

Step 3: Proofread your draft, then hit Send once you are done. Outlook will redirect it to CocoFax servers where the email is transformed into fax. Also, CocoFax will merge multiple attached files into a single file during transmission. 

You will receive a CocoFax notification in your Outlook email address indicating the status of sent fax. In case of a failed attempt, you will also get an email notification. 

That’s it. You’ve sent a fax from your Outlook email address. 

What sets CocoFax apart?

With CocoFax, you get a comprehensive online fax service. Here are some of the capabilities that make it unique. 

  1. Versatile 

CocoFax lets you fax from any device from your smartphone to your computer. Best of all, you can fax Google Docs and Office 365 documents. Also, CocoFax lets you login to send and receive faxes on its dashboard. 

  1. Lifetime storage 

With CocoFax, users don’t have to grapple with the likelihood of running out of fax storage. CocoFax automatically backs up all the faxes on its server. It gives users an organized and convenient way of accessing faxes online. 

  1. Safe and secure 

CocoFax secures your fax communication by encrypting them before transmission. This makes it hard for cybercriminals to access the content of your fax. What’s more, you only print the faxes whenever you need them.


To send faxes from your Outlook email address, you need a reliable online fax service. Thanks to these services, using Outlook to send a fax is easy and safe. Check out this guide on how you can send a fax from Outlook. 


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