10 Must-Have Beauty Supplies For Your Self-Care Routine

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To make the appearance presentable, it is important to take self-care. Along with eating the right kind of food, external care is also necessary. Your hair and skin both play a crucial role in self-care. Moreover, the best way to maintain the balance of your skincare routine is to buy beauty products. 

As recently the beauty market has been flooded with products to help you look great and feel great as well. From bathing to covering your complexion there are numerous self-care tips you must add to your beauty routine. 

Eye Mask Pads & Cream

The eye mask pads help you to sit back and relax. Using the eye pads you will get rid of under-eye bags due to the stress. It is a great remedy for dark circles, puffiness, and dryness around the eyes. The skin is thinnest and shows the signs of stress so to take care of this part eye mask pads are a must.

According to a dermatologist, Annie Chiu you must start applying eye cream every night.  As it maintains the health and thickness of the skin and keeps it smooth. Moreover, the regular use of eye cream will keep the eyelid skin elastic and will prevent collagen loss and fine lines. Moreover, it is better to start it in the early 20s.


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The cleanser is a must-have for your morning routine, start by splashing your face with water and gently use a cleanser that is designed for your skin type. Aside from cleansers, an alternative option can be products that contain ingredients that effectively work together to gently moisturize and cleanse your skin. Due to their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, they cleanse without stripping essential oils from your face and maintain your skin’s pH balance. Such components are found in honey, organic goat milk,  coconut oil, etc. All of them not only will cleanse your skin, but also improve it. Aside from cleansing the skin, skin care products that contain goat milk also have anti-aging benefits.


Most people avoid tones because there is a false assumption that most toners are harsh for the skin and irritates it. Fortunately, it is not true they not only shrink pores but also serve multiple purposes. It acts like an antioxidant, toning acid, and vitamin B derivatives. Furthermore, it is important to use the right toner for your skin concerns as each type of toner is intended for different skin issues. 

Antioxidant Serum

It is better to keep the antioxidant serum as close to your skin as possible because serums are super concentrated, and nutrient-dense treatments. Furthermore, they are extremely useful in the daytime as they prevent the skin from damaging UV rays and pollution.


A peel will remove the top layer of your skin that is dead and rough. It will help minimize dullness, wrinkles, and scarring. Furthermore, it may also help to resolve skin disorders like acne and deep scarring or wrinkles. 

To keep your skin healthy you must use quality products and for a quality product, you need the best platform to get it from. So, if you are looking for one of the top beauty suppliers in Singapore, then Beauty Garage is the one you should choose. 


Moisturizer will reduce skin problems and moisturizing every day will reduce the chances of developing oiliness and extreme dryness. Both conditions at an extreme level will cause acne. Thus, moisturizing every day will protect the skin from having acne.

Body Lotion

Using the quality body lotion after every shower will seal the moisture deep in the skin. This will keep the skin hydrated and flexible and maintain elasticity. Thus, you must keep your favorite body lotion on hand for an after bath application. 


Scrubs simply give the skin an instant glow by clearing the dead skin cells. The dead skin causes dullness on your face. Furthermore, scrub allows your anti-aging products to penetrate the skin more effectively. 


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Using SPF 15 regularly can reduce the risk of having squamous cell carcinoma by about 40%. Moreover, it will prevent premature skin aging, wrinkles, sagging, and age spots. 

Anti Aging Cream

Experts recommend that you should start using age prevention cream to avoid skin damage early. They believe that skin starts to age around 20 years old because at this age skin slowly starts to lose collagen. It helps to reduce dark spots, dead skin cells, and wrinkles all over the face. 


To keep your skin in good condition skin care is important because your skin is shedding throughout the day. Hence, it is important to keep your skin glowing. For this purpose, you need an effective routine and products that will prevent acne, wrinkles, and to help look the skin at its best. 


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