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Every online analytics solution exists to tackle the same problem: to give actionable, trustworthy, and fast user information. Understanding the online person on the other side of the screen requires asking the following questions:

  • What is the consumer attempting to accomplish?
  • What was their actual experience like?
  • What is effective? What goes wrong?

Clicks, bounce rates, page views, conversions, and other abstractions are used by traditional analytics systems to address these questions. Traditional web analytics overlook the forest for the trees, even if this data is instructive on its own.

This is where the web session recording feature comes in.

Traditional web analytics tools are elevated by session replay capabilities, which display a comprehensive image of the user on a website or app. They give all the individual data points that a traditional analytics tool would provide, as well as how those data points combine to provide an experience. In other words, session replay enables you to answer clearly the question, “What is actually going on my site (or in my application)?”

As a consequence, Session replay may be used by teams throughout your business, including product managers, support agents, product and UX designers, developers, marketers, salespeople, and everyone in between, to better understand the customer, learn from their difficulties and achievements, and create better products. Session replay is useful for online firms across many industries, from SaaS and eCommerce to finance and hospitality.

You may finally receive the answers you need to understand your clients and enhance their online experience using session replay.

What exactly is a session replay?

Session replay is the precise replication of a user’s activities on a website or web application as they were perceived by the user. Session replay recreates what the user really performed on the site or app using recorded user actions like mouse movements, clicks, page views, scrolling, tapping, and so on.

Session replay, which has been available for over a decade, is also known as session playback, user experience (UX) replay, or even mouse tracking, to name a few.

Session replay is a strong method of qualitative research that allows researchers to observe and learn from individual user actions while also combining qualitative and quantitative data.

Because sessions are taken from real users rather than test participants in a study, session replay cleverly eliminates bias in user testing (i.e. the Hawthorne Effect).

Traditional qualitative research techniques are time-consuming to set up, difficult to perform, and frequently prohibitively costly. Sessions recorded using a replay tool, on the other hand, are accessible on-demand and may be utilized to improve any area of your online client experience.

What is the purpose of session replay?

A video copy of the client’s online experience is what is known as a “session replay,” which is exactly what it sounds like. The answer is a resounding yes.

The firehose of information on the online experience is session replay. As you get more experienced browsing the vast amount of data gathered by a session replay tool, you’ll uncover new methods to mine your sessions for insights—things you wouldn’t have discovered using a typical web analytics platform alone.

In the event that you are unfamiliar with session replay technologies, the use-cases that are provided below will assist you in gaining a better comprehension of what is feasible.

How to choose the best session replay provider?

There are several session replay tools available. Not all playback tools are the same because of the technological needs “under the hood.”

If you’re in charge of identifying the finest replay tool for your company, prepare yourself with the knowledge you’ll need to analyze and choose a replay tool that fulfills your requirements. Go to and learn how Creabl session replay fulfills or surpasses these requirements.


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