Reasons to Migrate from Angular JS to Angular

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Hello, readers. There are so many websites and blogs about developing and a large amount of different information that sometimes your hair turns grey and you just don’t know what to do with all of it. But calm down and don’t panic because of that. Today, I will clear up the topic “What are the reasons to migrate from AngularJS to Angular” in simple words.

First of all, let me explain the AngularJS and Angular in general. AngularJS is a framework whose main aim is to create single-page applications. “JS” stands for JavaScript and this is the basic programming language as you might have understood. A few years later, in 2016, the newest version of Angular was launched. This one was written with the help of TypeScript programming language, which is considered to expand the opportunities of JavaScript.

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You are free to use older versions as a huge number of developers are simply used to its interface and possibilities. But still, if you want to improve the quality of applications that you produce, this guide is for you. So why should you migrate from AngularJS to Angular?

Reason 1 – Time is Money

Angular is definitely working faster than AngularJS. The developers of the latest version have successfully organized the reduction of the compilation time and code downloading. The more time you save now – the more progress you can have in other things.

Reason 2 – Strategically Beneficial

The programming market is constantly moving on and always generates new ideas, so it will be a strategically good decision to migrate to the newest version. As a rule, web or mobile applications do not synchronize with the dynamic needs of the business if you are standing in one place. One day you will realize that for better results in developing a migration is required.

Reason 3 – Manageable Structure

While AngularJS’s structure is more flexible, which allows the developer to use the maximum of his skills and imagination, Angular has an exact structure with a component-based approach. Therefore, with the most recent Angular version, you can erase a lot of limits by creating and maintaining larger and more complicated applications.

Reason 4 – TypeScript Benefits

Though working with JavaScript makes the process of developing much easier, still it can not handle bug checking. Because of this many mistakes may remain unnoticed. On the other hand, the new Angular with the TypeScript language works in such a way that it helps to prevent bugs and identify errors at an early stage while writing the code. In addition to this, TypeScript offers good flexibility as it can work across multiple platforms.

Reason 5 – Mobile Support and Updates

Creating applications for mobile platforms can not be possible within AngularJS. For this aim, you have to use Angular as its new modular design provides developers with support across devices.

Angular’s team’s main goal is to create such conditions when a developer wouldn’t worry while writing code because Angular offers maximum stability for critical applications. AngularJS will have no new versions anymore, in the meantime updates for Angular, written on TypeScript, are expected every six months.


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So, this was the list of five most understandable and obvious reasons why you should upgrade from AngularJS to Angular.AngularJS is not bad, but, for instance, would you use iPhone 4 when iPhone 11 is already inside the marketplace and can offer you more? The same thing is with Angular. The updated version is definitely the right choice for businesses because of the variety of important benefits: from improving user experience to reusability of code.

Thank you for reading. Check my blog for more details and helpful information. Stay safe!

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