Pros and Cons of a Sea Cruise

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What to be prepared for when plunging into the waters of the Caribbean? An international cruise on an ocean liner is certainly a good vacation option for many, although some prefer excursions to the largest tourist centers, others are attracted to their summer cottages, and some prefer to wander through the woods, picking mushrooms, fishing or climbing cliffs. Nevertheless, the cruise as one of the respectable leisure options deserves to be examined in more detail inherent in its pros and cons.

Disconnection from reality 

The main thing when setting off on an ocean trip is to be ready for a holding a thick wallet nearby (it will come in handy more than once). One way or another, having reached the liner – this sparkling snow-white conqueror of the ocean expanses with noiselessly sliding glass elevators and beautiful halls inside – the happy passengers get an excellent opportunity to almost completely free their head from problems, focusing on only a few issues.

Excellent food

You do not need to care about, for example, at what time, where, what, and how many times to eat. At the end of the cruise, you might not be able to squeeze into the cabin door (after all, there are numerous buffets, restaurants for a first date with some beauty you meet on the spot, and bars open almost around the clock on the liner). Any other mental exercises are practically excluded. 

“Ultramodern” and incredibly loud music

It can be heard everywhere, coming from powerful speakers, plain shows, and this round-the-clock and clear agitation for refreshing and drinking something exotic does its job. You can, of course, retire to your comfortable cabin with good sound insulation (especially if the cabin is located across several decks from sound sources), but you can’t sit in a confined space for a long time.

An opportunity to see several countries

In fairness, it is worth recognizing that you can free your head from thoughts not only on the ocean liner. But to attend coastal cities or islands in a week, a sea cruise is perfect for this. Sailing in the southern latitudes, for example, is especially good when real autumn has arrived and where winter is approaching. Whatever you say, the opportunity to relax on a beautiful beach with white sand under the hot tropical sun, swim in the clean and warm azure waters are worth a lot (in both direct and figurative meaning). You may also want to check out NYC Aceboater if you are rather interested in boating.

Various vacancies

And finally, for some, a cruise is not only a way to spend time in solitude but also the opportunity to get a relatively “dust-free” and well-paid job. Yes, exactly. The huge mass of service personnel, whose first duty is the ability to deprive passengers of the opportunity to think and focus on something, surely includes a lot of people.

Diversity of activities 

But at the crazy “geography” to which you join for several days, the comfort, the atmosphere of a constant holiday of life, endless food, and all kinds of drinks, the advantages of a cruise vacation are mostly exhausted. After all, doing nothing is also a kind of hard work. You can spend hours on deck and look at the endless expanse of the sea, or sit in an armchair and smoke a cigar with a cup of coffee. You can move giant chess pieces, play mini-golf or table tennis, swim in the pool, sit in the jacuzzi, visit the spa, or compete with partners in who will eat or drink more. But more than a week, few can carry this paradise life in the middle of the sea.

Not so cheap

Now about the real cost of such a trip. Practice shows that having bought a cruise for a certain amount, the happy owner of “travel documents” should understand that the costs do not end there. If a naive tourist believes that they will be able to meet the predetermined budget, then they are very mistaken. The cruise company is likely to force the client to pay an extra very decent amount to cover various fees, that is, it will charge you part of the tax costs charged by each port for intermediate stops. We will add here the costs associated with visas, flights to the ship’s place and back. As a result, the initial amount will increase by about 50%.

An experience worth trying at least once

This will also include a solid tip to the waiters and cleaners, who daily service each cabin. Nevertheless, the opportunity to clear your mind for a few days and be distracted while enjoying the charm of a silent water desert or tropical landscapes is, whatever one may say, a privilege.

Leaving a huge cruise ship, you will take with you not only numerous photographs and memories of the rumble of pop music, alluring aromas of various food and drinks, the coolness of a comfortable cabin with a sea view but also the romance of distant wanderings and the endless ocean surface.


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