Ways Patient Portals can Improve your Practice’s Efficiency

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Still on the Fence about Medical patient Portals? Read on to Find out if it can Improve Efficiencies for your Practice

The pandemic has indeed forced many businesses to shift their initiatives online. And with many individuals still staying home, all businesses must be present online. After all, that is the first place where our customers will discover our brand. 

According to Hubspot, as of 2019, there was a 150% increase in “near me” searches, and a 200% increase for phrases with “near me” and “now”. This means that having your information updated on Google can aid in the discovery of your practice if and when clients are looking for it. 

When a possible client finds your clinic, the user experience starts there. They should be able to set an appointment and provide the necessary information without frustration on their end. To streamline processes, medical practitioners are now looking for online solutions to help them get more customers and improve efficiencies within their practice. Numerous online solutions are now available in the market and medical patient portals have become a staple in the healthcare industry. 

How exactly can medical patient portals improve your practice? We list down the ways below!

1. Patients can Easily Input their Details 

When engaging with a medical patient portal, mobile access is easy. Providers and patients can access the portal via their smartphones or tablets during their most convenient time. 

And while still in a pandemic, reducing time outdoors and in clinics should still be maintained. Letting our patients fill out information sheets from the comfort of their own home not only minimizes contact with the outside world but also lets our patients (and staff) manage time better.

2. Appointment Reminders are easily Communicated to Patients

Patient Portals Appointment reminders easily communicated to patients

Whether it’s a new appointment or a routine checkup, having a patient portal can automate sending notifications to your patients. No more back and forths and staying on hold for a long time!

3. Better Tracking of Health History

You can now collect accurate and complete patient data with a patient portal. Once patient information is stored in the portal, patients can check and have access to their health information and update it for any missing or inaccurate information.

4. Safe and Secure Communications between your Staff and your Patients

With a messaging function within the platform, sharing information through the portal streamlines your process and overall saves time. File sharing and chat exchanges avoid unnecessary visits and allow for quick remedies that can be discussed online. 


Getting a medical patient portal comes with a slew of benefits:

  • Patients can fill in their information beforehand, which reduces time filling up information sheets in the clinic.
  • With the portal, patients have access to their lab results from the comfort of their homes.
  • Exchanges between the patient and the clinic are more seamless with file sharing and secure messaging in place.
  • Your business can easily issue reminders before visits for new appointments or routine checkups.

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