10 Paper Waste Facts That Business Owner Needs to Know

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Paper is something that is widely utilized all over the world and we cannot imagine our life without it. But along with the immense usage, a lot of it is also being wasted through different ways, knowingly and unknowingly. And with the covid-19 lockdown, the percentage of it has increased a lot.

And whatever business you are doing, paper is used as well as wasted a lot on a daily basis. Businesses constantly are making important documents that consume a whole lot of paper. And by paper, we not only mean documents but money as well.

Paper wastage is a major issue nowadays as more and more trees are being cut down just for the sake of producing paper from the wood. This leads to some critical environmental problems and health issues as well. Hence, if you are a business owner, read this article till the end to know 10 facts about paper wastage and how you can help to improve this situation.

CocoSign’s Wet Signature

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Paper Waste solution - CocoSign

This implies that if the relevant person wishes to sign the documents or artifacts in a physical way with a pen, they have the choice to do as such. CocoSign encourages this alternative by giving the wet mark highlight to all clients.

Clients can decide to print a CocoSign report as opposed to marking it electronically. CocoSign’s electronic signatures can help lessen the paper wastage by not requiring the documents to be printed.

Here are the 10 paper waste facts that you need to know as a business owner.

1.  Almost 90 Million Tons of Paper Wasted Yearly

As a business owner, take out one minute to think of all the paper used in one day at your office. That is quite a lot, isn’t it? All sorts of documents are used in an office. Important artifacts are continuously made and recorded every day. Not to mention the bills of the office building or apartment. Paper is utilized in electricity, water and gas bills every month.

And a larger part of these documents go to the dustbin to never be used again. This is what produces almost 90 million tons of paper wastage. Well, using CocoSign will actually prove to be a step towards less paper wastage as electronic and digital signatures can reduce the usage of a paper in a business.

2.  Office waste is mostly Paper

This is not at all surprising that office waste is mostly paper, especially when there is all the paperwork done in the offices. Out of all the waste produced in an office, it is estimated that almost 70% of it is nothing but paper waste.

An office work mainly includes documentation of all sorts, for example, contracts are being made all the time. But CocoSign has done the impossible by offering free online contract services to its clients. With CocoSign, you can sign contracts instantly or get them signed from other parties as well over the internet in no time.

Paper Waste solution - CocoSign

CocoSign allows you to sign contracts anytime and anywhere. You can use any device for this purpose.

3.  An average office worker’s interaction with paper

The annual estimate is that an average office worker interacts with 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Even though we have advanced so much with the technology, paper usage and wastage has no end. Most of the offices nowadays are equipped with advanced and digital tools that can digitize many office works. Still, paper is wasted a lot.

CocoSign can prove a ray of hope and help in reducing paper wastage. With its eSignature tech and the online contract signing, paper usage can be reduced in an office. So if you want to save the trees and use less paper, start using CocoSign.

4.  A Document is copied 19 times

Well, it might sound astonishing to you, but a sheet of paper is copied 19 times throughout its life. Already the paper production is at its peak. When combined with all the photocopies, it just increases 19 times.

The important documents or archives are constantly being photocopied and sent to the relevant parties. On an average, a document is photocopied 19 times in its life.

5.  4 Million Tons of Junk Mail

It might be surprising for you but the amount of junk mail that goes to the landfills each year is just huge. 4 million tons of junk mail ends up in the landfills every year.

6.  Abundant Oil is Used

More paper usage means more paper production. According to a study, almost 400 gallons of oil are used for producing the large quantity of paper from which most of it goes to the waste.

7.  Secure Documents Shredding

Shredding is a very common way of destroying important and secure documents. The confidential or highly protected pieces of paper are not shown away just as it is. They are first shredded and then wasted.

8.  Massive amount of trees are being cut

As paper mainly comes from the wood, massive amounts of trees are being cut to serve the purpose of this need.

9.  Double Paper production and waste

It is expected that by the year 2060, the paper production as well as the waste would be double as compared to what it is at the moment.

10.              Large amount of water required

Along with the oil and the trees, water is also used in the production of paper and that too is required in great amounts. Almost 10 litres of water is needed for the production of one sheet of paper of A4 size.


By using CocoSign, you can take part in reducing paper waste and opting for digital signatures and online contract signing.


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