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It can affect their productivity and waste time unless they are checked by their parents or employers. A mobile SMS spy app can help the parents and employers to keep an eye on the activities of their kids and employees on their Smartphones.

What’s the Mobile SMS Spy App?

Online Mobile SMS Spy Android Phone

A mobile SMS spy app is a software product that can be used by parents and employers to find out what their kids or employees are doing on their mobile phones. 

It is surveillance software for phones that tracks the location of the SIM card and records the SMSs sent and received, as well as the calls made and received on the mobile phone under your surveillance. 

Along with it this app also helps in tracking their activities of the browser, GPS location as well as text, audio, and video messages sent and received through social networks like Facebook, Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp, etc. without being noticed by the users of the target phone.

What Can the SIM Card Tracker Hoverwatch Tell You?

Hoverwatch is a powerful free SIM card tracker app for phones that spies on the text messages sent and received by the user of the target devices. 

Along with tracking SMSs, it can also record incoming and outgoing calls, GPS location, and the history of usage of the web world through various social platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook, etc.

 It can also access all the chats, SMS, and text messages sent or received on that phone without informing the user.

How Does a Mobile Spy Tracker Hoverwatch Work?

Online Mobile SMS Spy Android Phone

Hoverwatch, the mobile spy tracker starts working as soon as you install it on the target phone through your account. Its starts:

  • Spying on text messages sent or received by the user
  • Reading the messages sent or received by the use by using Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook, etc.
  • Viewing information of the calls including date, time, name of the contact and the duration of the call
  • Accessing information of the phone book including names, and phone numbers of the contacts, as well as their email address and occupation, etc
  • Viewing all the activities on the browser including how often and when certain websites are visited through that device
  • Getting a picture whenever the phone is unlocked by the user to know who is using it at a certain point in time
  • Tracking the location of the user of the Android device
  • Receiving notifications whenever the user changes the SIM card of the phone with a new one
  • Keeping you invisible to the user so that he/she may not know that a mobile SMS spy app is used on the phone

How Do I Stop My SIM Card From Being Tracked?

You can stop tracking of your SIM card by using any of the methods discussed here under.

Change the Location Settings of Your Phone

The feature, Frequent Locations, you can use to stop tracking of your phone is available in the privacy settings of your phone.

  • It is used by default to keep records of the use of that phone in routine.
  • It also tracks your location as well as the duration of your stay at that spot. 
  • It also records the address of your workplace and home as well as your frequency to visit and duration to stay there. 

You will have to change the settings of this feature to stop the tracking of your SIM card.

Reduce the Tracking of Ads

You will have to reduce the tracking of ads if you want to stop tracking of your SIM card. You can use the option provided in your iOS or Android phone for this purpose. 

Though these tools may neither reduce the number of ads you watch nor can it stop tracking o =f your phone but it can allow you to unlink the profile of a particular advertiser linked with your phone as well as reset your ID to receive ads.

Stop Google to Track Your Moves

Google has recently been accused to store the data of your location even after changing the setting of privacy on android devices or iPhones. 

So to avoid the tracking of your SIM card you can switch off the location tracking options provided by Google.

Use a Private Browser on Your Phone

You can find several private browsers that are not very popular among routine users. You can use some of these private browsers anonymously to browse any website on your phone. 

Mozilla is one of the private browsers which you can use to by default stop access to the analytics, social trackers, and advertisements. After browsing these private browsers remove browsing history and passwords used by them automatically.

Check Your Accounts Online

When you open an account with any popular company then you have to provide them a wide range of personal information including your personality, preferences, and location.

The data you use for a post or specific ads as well as every click you make on your Smartphone can be tracked by these platforms by using their algorithms. So to avoid such things you should be vigilant while opening an account even with a popular company.

Thus by using any of these methods you can stop tracking your SIM card.

Can the SIM Card Track the Location of a Phone?

Online Mobile SMS Spy Android Phone

Yes, the location of a can be tracked with its SIM card by using a popular SIM card tracker app like Hoverwatch, etc. 

  • It tracks the location of the SIM card of your phone to collect the information about the location of your phone.
  • It can track your location secretly even if you have turned off its Wi-Fi and GPS. 
  • It tracks the cell phone towers nearby your phone to locate its location.


Thus you can use a mobile SMS spy app like Hoverwatch to track the SMS and other text, audio, and video messages sent and received through that device.

Hoverwatch Best Online Mobile Spy app can help in protecting your kids or employees from risky situations.


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