How to hire an offshore development team in Portugal: a few factors to consider

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When talking about offshore development, Portugal is getting the status of the top-rated destination. Honestly, back in the day, Portugal was not the place where a company wanted to invest its money and time. However, that status is changing rapidly. And that is all because of the latest technologies the country is adopting. 

Portugal’s startup environment is growing rapidly. In fact, it is expected to surpass the whole of Europe’s infrastructure. That means getting an offshore software development team from Portugal is becoming easier. 

There are a variety of questions that come into mind when talking about offshore software development company Portugal. Why is it becoming the next IT hub? What is the secret? What parameters are driving Portugal to the transformation and attracting companies from all over the world? In this blog, we are going to talk about that.

Rest apart, if you want to learn how to hire an offshore development team in Portugal. While we answer the rest of the points, consider going to the link and reading about it.

Offshore development Portugal – The benefits

The contribution to the team

With an offshore software development team from Portugal, you will not only get a robot developer. See, Portuguese developers are known for being team players. They will contribute their life to completing your product. Their mindset makes them a perfect option if you are looking for someone who will be your partner in the longer run. The offshore software development company Portugal can think of out-of-the-box solutions, allowing you to reach the final stage of the software in a blink of an eye. 

These nearshore outsourcing companies are open to constructive criticism, meaning they will happily incorporate the feedback into the work. This makes their effort a perfect integration into the project.

The Pool of Talent

In terms of talent and skill, Portugal is one of the places in the world where you can get your hands on the best talent. See, Portuguese education systems rank at 35th place in the world, according to QS World University Rankings. That means there is no limit to talent in the country. From front-end developers to graphic designers, coders to QA assurance officers, you can select easily from the list. Right now, there are 90,000 IT specialists available for hire. And, each year, about 50,000 tech-savvy graduates make an offshore software development team from Portugal, a hotspot for IT services. 

With the offshore development team from Portugal, the coders are easily available, and their codes are comparatively good. Consider this, on Upwork, the clients have rated Portuguese developers 4.9 of 5, which is based on 11,000 reviews. 

Location and Timezone

Portugal sits right at the center of east and west countries. The country lies under the GMT time zone. That means it is a half-hour off from European countries and 5 hours off from New York. This makes it possible to simplify communication and online calls. So, when talking about timezone, the offshore software development team from Portugal is an optimum choice for developers in the US or Europe.

Cultural Norms

Lastly, there is another reason why you should hire an offshore software development team from Portugal. Portuguese people are full of culture, and their culture aligns with Western and European countries. That enables a good communication factor, allowing US and European companies to complete the project. 

These kinds of benefits make Portugal a perfect place for nearshore outsourcing if you are a European firm. Moreover, they also offer advantages to American clients since they are communicative. 

Factors to consider while looking for an offshore software development team in Portugal

Skillset and Talent

When it comes to hiring an offshore software development team in Portugal, there is a wide choice available. However, you do have to do a little research. Consider talking to the development firm and see whether their skills align with your project goals. Do ask for CVs to filter out the potential candidates. 

Language Barrier

Yes, Portugal is a modern country, and there are a lot of English natives present there. But, since the national language is Portuguese, there is a chance that you will get your hands on a developer who doesn’t speak English as a primary language. That can lead to issues and miscommunication.

Security and Paperwork

Portugal is a member of the European Union and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). That means all international copyright rules apply to the country. Offshore software development teams from Portugal have proper paperwork for data security.

When hiring offshore development Portugal teams, consider going through their licenses to ensure data security. Moreover, do add non-compete and relevant clauses in the contract so that your codes and project files can stay safe. 


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