Negotiating With Your Boss Is No Easy Task, 5 Tips To Ace It

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Raise your hand if you avoid negotiating with your boss or client, especially when you know that it’s likely to work against you. If you raised a hand or even nodded in agreement, boy, we have got some work to do.

Negotiating is never going to be easy. It requires practice. All professional negotiators had a humble beginning before becoming what they are today. Speaking of which, here are some expert tips to be a better negotiator:

Pro Tip #1: Know Your Worth

If you don’t know what your service is worth, it’s natural for someone else to put a price on it. Since you’re reading this article, chances are you want a shot at setting the price yourself. Have an appropriate and reasonable figure in mind. And make sure you have sufficient evidence to justify your claims. Show what you have done rather than trying to convince what you can do. And when you bring up your wins during the negotiation, try to be as humble as possible. 

Pro Tip #2: The Strategy 

Big or small, negotiating in any business scenario requires a foolproof plan. Whether you’re selling, buying or simply trying to prove your point, you need to have a strategy to negotiate. Good negotiation strategies usually depend on being one step ahead of the person sitting on the other side of the table. For that, you need to consider many solid strategies before you close down on one. 

Pro Tip #3: Introspect And Reflect 

You are probably thinking, this one is the trickiest of them all. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Everyone has a negotiating personality. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you steer the conversation in your favour. It’s crucial to know that anyone can be good at negotiating, although some may seem extraordinary negotiators. Trust me, they are not. Everyone had it rough until they cracked it.

Pro Tip #4: Be Pro-Active  

Negotiations shouldn’t have to feel like a one-way street. Ask the other person more about their vision and goals and how you can contribute to the growth. If it’s a small business, you could always ask them about other roles, opportunities or processes that they would like to delegate—getting as much information as you can is half the job done. 

Pro Tip #5: Play Hard To Get, Even If You Are Not

It’s the golden rule of negotiation. Either you’re desperate, or you’re not interested. Sometimes your boss or client may want to nickel and dime you. In such situations, your eagerness will give him a leg up over you. Hence, being over-enthusiastic about an undeserving offer is straight-up losing. One of the tricks to mask your eagerness is to have a confident and laidback body language. Speak slowly, as if articulating your thoughts, to feign your disinterest. And when they finally come around to your terms, seal the deal with a subdued yet firm approval. 


A calm and collected mind is key to the most effective negotiation. Make sure you follow all the tips given above and enter the room like you own it!

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