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NBAstreams Reddit

Reddit is one of the very important social platforms where you can find many communities gathered upon the basis of similar likings and interests. Generally, users have the ability to discuss the common interests and topics on this platform and this content is visible to other followers of that specific group or community. These communities irrespective of their size available on Reddit are called Subreddit. You would be surprised that there are people gathered up for even the smallest interests and obviously the big trends and interests as well. You will find information on any topic including Gaming, Technology, Sports, Blogging, Anime or even gardening. It is a great source of information where you can share your knowledge and get to know the opinion of other users in the community.  

Since the ban on NBA Reddit Stream, due to copyright infringement, NBA fans have had a really bad time. This is sad news for NBA fans and since this news on 17th June 2019, fans have been really disappointed. NBA streams on Reddit were a great source of information for users who were following these streams from the start. This subreddit was followed by more than 400k users and NBA fans loved its contents. 

NBAstreams Reddit

However, there are many examples of subreddit going down because of copyright issues. The subreddits which have also been taken down due to copyright infringements include; r/soccerstreams, r/cricketstreams, r/mmastreams and many more. Just a while back a very famous footbal subreddit named r/soccerteams was shut down because of copyright issues. Now we seem to be missing the NBA subreddit which was so popular and accredited among the NBA fans around the world. 

Reddit NBA Stream, a little background

Let’s have a look at why the NBA subreddit was so amazing and why people are so devasted with the news of it not being there anymore. 

Most fans are upset because if you have to watch the matches in a legal way, you will have to spend so much money and the entire thing gets way too expensive. If you find the money to purchase a legal pass you still wouldn’t be able to watch the entire match because of many blackouts and glitches in the process. This process makes it really hard to watch sports legally. 

There is no reasonable explanation for supporting the content which is illegal and no one should be doing that. However, if the NBA broadcasters were to provide matches access at a reasonable price with perfectly working video players, there would be much fewer people visiting the illegal NBA stream on Reddit. 

NBA fans had Reddit as one of the best sources to watch the most expensive matches for free because all the live links for matches were authentic and most of them worked really well. But after June 17th, all access to NBA Reddit streams were banned. Around 400K followers who loved talking about basketball lost access to the site only because it was a place where people posted links from AceStream and other famous streaming sites where users could watch free NBA matches. 

This is the reason for the problem and users going crazy because you can’t ban live streaming services of websites like Acestream and others because they are peer to peer basis websites. So banning any famous subreddits which are only using such info and talking about it is a bit irrational. 

It was basically reported that Reddit is a great source for generating an audience for streaming websites, the banned subreddit alone was able to generate millions of users every day for the streaming website. The most basic problem is that the quality of the original NBA authorized content is much much lower than the streaming websites. 

Is there any other subreddit for NBA Streaming?

The long-gone NBA subreddit is highly unlikely to come back but since so many users were benefitting from it, it is likely that the relevant people will strat another subreddit containing links of live NBA matches. Some users have been claiming that the new site was already created before this incident even occurred. 

If there will be a new website containing the links for the next season, that website is sure to be very private and secret. Which was why subreddit was taken down in the first place because it was unable to maintain the secrecy. 

Reddit streams are getting cleaned up from any such subreddit containing respective links, so you may be seeing more subreddit going down in the coming years. Now the question remains, all this drama just so users have better and quality access to NBA content. So, where can you watch those quality NBA matches, where would you get access to the alternative of Reddit NBA streams, if there is an alternative. 

Alternatives of Reddit NBA streaming

Well, we have got you covered, there are few strings you can pull to access quality Reddit streams for NBA. 

  1. – Live streaming of NBA

If you are a sports fan, you must know about because it is one of the best sites. You will be able to stream any sports content without spending any money on the website. You can watch anything, including tennis, hockey, cricket, basketball, etc. All major tournaments are covered here and you will have unlimited access to all those as well. It provides live streaming of NBA matches as well so it is quite a popular website.  

NBAstreams Reddit watch

This website like Acestreams also uses peer to peer technology so no one can track you. The quality of streaming is very high and you will have access to working links of NBA with any quality like 480p, 1080p or 720p. NBA fans can surely use this website instead of Reddit streams. Your favorite games highlights can also be found here. 

  1. Discord Channel of Reddit NBA streams 

As the team behind the NBA subreddit was suspecting dangers, so a backup channel was created. That is Discord channel and most importantly the server for discord channel was also created so it was maintaining a record of both channels to deal with any bad scenario. It was presented to the audience around 19th June 2019, pretty fast. 

Most people know what Discord is but for people who don’t know it is a free chat app that is mostly used by a support staff of different companies. It lets the group admins talk to the other members in real-time. 

It was started a few months before the subreddit was taken down. It was such a good move that fans are thankful to the people behind it. 

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