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Nowadays, even children know what an electronic cigarette is, while most adults are convinced that steam harms lungs, which means that vapes are worse than regular cigarettes. The absurdity of this fact is understandable even to teenagers, so we have prepared for you the most common myths about the e-cigs, which many still believe. Most likely, the delusions about vaping were made by those “smart” people whose hands reach for another nicotine cigarette. This is not surprising, because competitiveness in the market is only growing, so smokers with experience have to do everything to maintain the usual focus of harm. Is vape as dangerous as tobacco smoke? And can the damage of soaring be even higher?

Smokers who cannot quit often switch to electronic cigarettes. Of course, to consider a vape source of nutrients – at least stupid, but still, the harm from electronic cigarettes is not as high as it may seem. Most antivapers have come up with false facts and believe in themselves. Well, what are they, myths about electronic cigarettes?

The purity of smoke from electronic cigarettes

purity of vaping smoke

Any best dry herb vaporizer ( liquid, anyway, includes flavors, propylene glycol, glycerin, and may contain nicotine. Inhalation of these compounds and substances may not be harmless to the human body, but the consequences are always individual. In particular, propylene glycol can cause respiratory and eye irritation. Studies conducted by cancer centers in upstate New York have identified other potentially dangerous compounds. Also, some users like to increase the tension in their devices for steaming, seeking more saturated and thick steam. Accordingly, the level of unsafe chemicals is increasing.

The central myths about e-cigarettes:

myths about vaping

– Vape is addictive. Actually, the market presents fillers, which contain nicotine, so – the risk of addiction is not excluded, but no one is forcing you to buy these liquids. In addition to nicotine fillers, we have a wide range of nicotine supplements. However, some scientific studies dispute this fact, claiming that addiction is not related to nicotine. Moreover, it is necessary to understand, each person is individual, so dependence develops based on the features of an organism, thinking, etc. You can be calm and soar further.

-harmful toxins and dangerous formaldehyde in liquids. Of course, there are harmful substances in the composition of the fillers, but their content is so scanty that it has almost no effect on the body. Therefore, the damage from the best vaporizer is too low. It is the same cigarette that won’t help you quit. Millions of people got rid of tobacco addiction by switching to electronic cigarettes and did it right. Tobacco, resins, and carcinogens are not used in the manufacture of fillers. And as stated above, you can purchase liquid without nicotine. Therefore, by opting for a vape, you not only get rid of the desire to smoke regular cigarettes but also save your health.

– Electronic cigarettes explode. Such troubles happen only with cheap vapes, which make “underground” manufacturers. Medical institutions in many developed countries are developing regulations that would play the role of regulatory instruments. First of all, age restrictions on electronic steam consumption will be monitored. Particular attention will be paid to testing the novelty of the vape industry, and also to inform the population about the dangers of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

In addition to the toxicity of several chemical products included in the composition, a significant threat to health is contained in the liquid nicotine. Particularly dangerous is the flavored liquid nicotine, which is alluring and smells attractive in an attractive package. The use of nicotine in large quantities is addictive, and in usually large volumes – can provoke death. Weed vaporizers should not be smoked in public.

Another legend about e-cigarettes states that its use is prohibited in public places. Lies and provocations! A steamer can legitimately smoke an e-cigarette in a park, cafe, plane, department store, movie, etc. This is because electronic device during the use does not form a smokescreen and does not leave cigarettes. Therefore, it is quite harmless to others and does not spoil the appearance of the city.

The e-cigarette vapor contains antifreeze

There is an assertion that the antifreeze substance is included in the vapor inhaled by the steamer. This legend is fundamentally incorrect. According to the confirmed information, the emitted smoke of the electronic device contains only propylene glycol. This substance is practically harmless to the human body and is not capable of disrupting the work of organs. Propylene glycol is found in the food industry, cosmetology, and pharmacology.

The main reasons for the demand for e-cigarettes are:

– a safe way to use nicotine;

– multi-mode device;

– simple design for efficient operation;

– a decent gadget for those who want to say goodbye to tobacco;

– stylish design that will give personality;

– affordable pricing policy.

The FDA in America does not allow manufacturers to claim the absolute safety of their products. Such restrictions apply, first of all, to the promotion of best herb vaporizer as a method of combating smoking. But advertising is usually aimed at an adult user, and children are more attracted to the bright packaging of liquids for vapes and their taste.

Viewing the commercials convinces them that they are aimed at the presentation of the product, not the agitation for its use. Therefore, switching to vapes is a purely individual choice for each user. Thus, no enticement is involved.

As you know, nicotine causes physical and psychological dependence. However, unlike drugs, a smoker always retains control over his or her mind, which is not the case with drug addicts. Purified nicotine contained in wipes does not include toxic pitches, does not produce smoke, and does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

And the last myth is that the development of the industry has come from the filing of tobacco companies.

This statement is considered wrong because its creation is due to Chinese pharmacist Hong Lik who created it to quit smoking. The production of the best cannabis vaporizer was launched five years later.


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