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Nordstrom is considerably one of the biggest department stores in the United States of America. It is a company that manages a number of stores and has thousands of employees as it provides a wide range of products that includes accessories, cosmetics, clothing and many more. The company experienced some difficulties managing the chain stores and also a large number of employees, so they made a solution with their website called Mynordstrom. Mynordstroms is an employment website that was created by the Nordstrom Company with the intention of easing the hassle of managing a large number of employees and the numerous departmental stores.

This handy website works as an HR portal, which enables employees to utilize online services by accessing the Nordstrom account. Mynordstrom employee portal was designed specifically for employees. It was created so that employees can manage and check their personalized career and pay. Most importantly so that employees can easily access information about the company, payroll and also enjoy so many benefits that are offered by the company. However, in order for employees to enjoy all these numerous benefits offered by the mynordstrom website. Employees first have to create my Nordstrom account and log into the account

Step by Step guide on how to login mynordstrom

To log into the account, simply follow these easy steps. Please note that in order to login into your account you will have to enter your details such as your employee ID number, username, password or LAN ID.


To log into your account you first have to search for the official website address that is When you open this web address you will be redirected to After that mynordstrom login fields will appear at the center of the homepage.

Click on login on the homepage

Click on login on the homepage. On the space provided enter your employee ID number. This ID number serves as proof that one is legally employed at Nordstrom. Every employee that works at Nordstrom has an employee ID.

Enter your Nordstrom password

Enter your Nordstrom password. Your password is confidential, hence for security reasons you have to keep your password safe. Failure to do so will result in other employees easily hacking into your account. For new employees who do not have a password already. You can simply click on the request password. A Nordstrom password will be sent to you via email which you can enter on the space provided.

Click the mynordstrom login button

In the final step, you have to double-check the information that you have entered to ensure that it is indeed correct. When you have confirmed that it is correct, you can now then click onto the mynordstrom login button. When you have done so, you will officially be logged into the mynordstrom website


There are numerous benefits that can be derived by employees by owning my nordstrom account. These benefits are as follows;

  • First and foremost, the MyNordstrom Employee portal was specifically designed for employees. It benefits employees a great deal. It helps them to upgrade and better their skills which is essential for the job and also the employee.
  • This online portal is ideal for both part-time and full-time employees. For instance, a part-time worker who usually have schedules that changes regularly. With my nordstrom account, they do not have to wait until they get into the office to access their schedules. They can easily check their work schedule anytime they need to.
  • Mynordstrom portal is for every employee. It has employees’ interest at heart and it serves to benefit all employees regardless of their role in the company. It does not segregate employees nor does it sideline employees in the lower ranks. It is considered the best online portal for employees. It helps them work with ease, gives them room to grow and improve their skills.
  • When you have my nordstrom account you can easily create a work office on your account. This work office application enables you to access and manage your work plans, job tasks, and schedules. You can easily do so even when you are not in the office or work location. With an active account and if you know your employee ID and password you can easily work at home if need be. Basically, if you have logged in a mynordstrom website, you can easily access your account wherever and whenever.
  • With this my nordstrom portal, employees can easily check for work benefits such as health insurance or employee discounts. Moreover, employees can access and claim their benefits with ease
  • You can also easily access important information about your job or about the company. In addition, can easily check their payroll information
  • Considering that Nordstrom is a large company, the mynordstrom online portal acts as a communication link. It enables employees to effectively communicate and also to share and acquire new information. Information is readily accessible, employees do not need to consistently go to the HR office to get updates about the company or their jobs.


  1. Having trouble login into my nordstrom account. What could be the reason?

There are a number of possible reasons that may cause you to have problems whilst you are trying to log into your account. It could be due to the fact that you may have entered the wrong employee ID number, username or password. Another reason could possibly be because your internet connection may be poor.

  1. How do new employees create my nordstrom account?

As a new employee, in order to create your my nordstrom account, you will require your employee ID number. When you login into the official website that is you have to enter the serial numbers. After that, you can follow the steps that have been mentioned above on how to log in.

  1. What do I do if I have forgotten my nordstrom password?

Well without your username or your password you cannot access your account. But worry not, as this can easily be fixed. You simply just have to click on a link written request, reset or forgot the password. A new page will open and on that page, there will space provided where you should enter your employee ID number. After that, you simply just click on the request password option and by so doing your account will be processed automatically.

In a nutshell, my nordstrom account is considered the best website. A multi-purpose portal that was specifically designed to help employees work with ease and improve their skills. Moreover, it provides employees with the much-needed information about the company, payroll, benefits and the job itself. It is easy to log into the account, you simply just have to follow the steps mentioned above. Basically, as long as you have an active my nordstrom account you can easily access your account 24/7 and can access it wherever. It is a must-have for every employee since it caters for all employees.


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