Music entertainment lawyers – List of the Best

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These keen legal mind individuals are considered among the best entertainment lawyers in regards to superstar deals and copyright fights.

Joel Katz, 73:

Chairman of the global entertainment and media practice

Joel Katz is a billboard is one of the best music entertainment lawyers that travels to many places globally. As such, he travelled to China to meet the famous individuals who were his clients known as Baidu and Alibaba. On the other hand, the practitioner travelled to Russia to aid the United Music Agency. As such, Joel negotiated an important agreement that assisted to license music from Universal Music Group, Sony Entertainment, as well as, Warner Music Group. He claimed that music is not all about the United States.

Recently, he donated $600 to ensure that Grammy awards and the recording academies do not face any challenges until 2026. He has worked with numerous clients such as James Brown, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffet, and George Strait. As such, he is considered among the most connected Attorneys in regards to the music industry. Earlier this year, he took the chairmanship of T.J Martell foundation.

Jeffrey Harleston, 56

General Counsel, universal Music Group

Universal is considered among the leading music company globally, as well as, the largest international streaming service. Jeffrey announced a licencing agreement aimed at assisting to give more access to spotify data to ensure that the fans engagement becomes closer with the organization.

Paul Robinson, 59

Executive VP/general counsel, Warner Music Group

Robinson led to the successful defense in copyright infringement despite the fact that he did not spend ample time with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Therefore, he played an important role by saving Warner Music Group superstars potential damages that would have cost them millions of dollars. The individual started his music career as a legal intern at MTV.

Julie Swidler, 59

Executive VP business affairs/general counsel, Sony Music Entertainment

Swidler’s new boss is known as SME CEO Rob Stringer who exposes her to many new opportunities. She aims at generating greater revenue for companies with greater catalogs in regards to streaming. On the other hand, she aims at tracking portal to improve sales and marketing tools in the industry.


Jeff Walker, 53

Executive VP/head of business and legal affairs, global digital business

Leak protects the rights of SME artists for instance when he joined the industry’s efforts to shut down Aurous which was a free streaming application. It ensures that individuals follow the right protocol in the industry to avoid facing numerous challenges in the end.  On the other hand, Jeff Walker is in charge of the content protection group that ensures that the digital music produced by the practitioners is encrypted in order to stream. The main challenge faced is illegal duplication of streams which should be addressed globally.

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