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Microsoft technical certifications have found its way to many tech experts and enthusiasts. It’s because these credentials are not just fancy extras to your CV but rather substantial tools to your success. So, if you want to acquire workforce-ready abilities, consider earning your very own Microsoft regarding your level of experience.

Speaking of the most popular options today, there are several role-based credentials from their newly-revised certification program. One of these is Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate, which comes with two compulsory tests, MD-100 and MD-101. However, if you have accomplished exam 70-698 before its retirement date last March 31, 2019, then you can forego Exam-Labs Website Click Here on This URL Link  MD-100 and just prepare for MD-101.

Most of the candidates still have to pass the two mentioned assessments, so in this post, let’s see the details of MD-100, what roles you can apply for after passing it, and where to get reliable preparation materials. And we’ll start with the information on the Modern Desktop Administrator position to help you understand if this is the job you really want to get.

What Are the KeyTasks of a Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator?

In general, desktop administrators are the dynamic professionals behind a successful installation and support of computers and their related components. These individuals ensure that computers and other peripherals are working efficiently. Also, with their innate abilities, they can smoothly troubleshoot network concerns and connectivity.

Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrators, in particular, are those who are assigned to do certain administrative tasks in an enterprise setting. Some of the responsibilities include deploying Windows, performing installation-related concerns, running data, enabling connectivity, performing data recovery, and such.

Because of the nature of their job role, these professionals have to work hand in hand with Microsoft 365 Modern Enterprise Administrators. These two roles are highly associated with each other in terms of designing and implementing crucial device strategies needed by the business.

How Microsoft Exam MD-100 Takes on Your Proficiency inModern Desktop Features?

Exam MD-100 is the first assessment of your skills as a modern desktop administrator. It focuses more on technical tasks such as installing Windows, configuring devices, and managing data, ensuring connectivity, administering updates, and monitoring the system. All these responsibilities are categorically listed in the official exam content for MD-100.

Since you will be working closely with enterprise environment functions, it’s a must that you are adept with Examsnap Microsoft 365 as a whole. Your experience should include familiarity in workloads in both Windows 10 and even non-Windows technologies. So, going through all the preparation process you’ll become ready to perform all the needed duties in your workplace. But, to learn everything right and be able to implement your knowledge, you need tested and reliable preparation materials. 

What Are the Best Prep Materials to Use for MD-100?

Considering this is a Microsoft certification exam, it’s a must to complete all training courses provided by Microsoft itself as they definitely help you understand all the domains you need to pass the test. These include the instructor-administered training session which takes 5 days and covers the main exam topic of Windows 10. For this course, you have to find a learning partner from one of the Microsoft-verified partner networks worldwide. Also, you can enroll in free online training which consists of 9 modules and offers information on the most crucial exam concepts.

Another useful material to have when studying is the Exam Ref for MD-100. This book was published in 2019 by authors Andrew Warren and Andrew Bettany. By using this guide, your preparation becomes less stressful because it covers the topics comprehensively and even features some end-of-chapter reviews. You can purchase this material either from Microsoft Press Store or Amazon.

How to Efficiency Evaluate Your Exam Mastery?

Every attempt of passing MD-100 is priced at $165 so it is important for you to pass it on the first try. That is why good preparation can not only give you the right knowledge but also save you money.

The best way to know if you’re completely ready to sit for your exam is by taking some mock tests. These materials show your current progress so you’ll know whether you have to exert more effort or you can sit back and relax. Microsoft supplies a detailed practice test that you can try to broaden your knowledge and nurture your skills. 

And if you want to practice with more sample questions and are looking for the most credible site for MD-100 materials aside from Microsoft, then is definitely an excellent choice. Their exam dumps contain quality exam questions and authentic answers ― all from real people who already aced their tests. You can download some files formatted into vce just for free, hence you need to also download the VCE Exam Simulator. And if you find this prep technique helpful, it’s time to try ExamSnap’s premium resources for MD-100 that include an expert-validated vce file, a study guide, and a course of 67 video lectures. The set of these materials will cost you $39,97.

What’s the Next Step after Completion of MD-100?

If you’re finished with MD-100, you can now proceed to the other exam requisite, MD-101 which emphasizes more on your management skills in modern desktops. Some of the fundamental functions that will be assessed are the deployment of operating systems, implementing policies, managing devices, protecting data, and administering apps. With the successful completion of both exams, you will now secure the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate accreditation.


Now that Microsoft has launched its role-based certification program, it’s now easy for aspirants to highlight their skills to the fullest when preparing to apply for current positions including a Desktop Administrator. This is because the new technical credentials pivot around a particular job role instead of a broad tech area. And as a result, individuals like you are now more prepared to take on the real-world IT issues having modern practical skills. So, take your technical ability to the next level by passing MD-100 with the help of exam dumps and Microsoft training and become recognized as a highly competent professional!


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