How to Measure Ring Size at Home

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The two common ways to try out your ring sizes are the plastic ring sizer and mandrel set. Considering you’re only going to use this once, DIYs sound much better. You could try either the string test, paper ring sizer, and even a printable ring sizer test using an online ring sizing chart. You could easily do this form the comfort of your home. Here are the procedures for each testing method:

String Ring Sizer

It is a flat measurement tool for any ring size. For this method, you require a plain string piece. Before you start measuring, ensure that you have printed the ring size chart available online. To print it to the right scale, choose the Print to Scale 100 option on your computer. From here, wrap the ring around the finger you’d like to put your ring on, which more often than not the ring finger, 4th on the left hand.

Cut the string at the point where it overlaps then line it up with the ring size guide, usually in the chart you printed. Compare and contrast, then pick the closest size to your hand. If two seem close enough, always pick the bigger one. With these, you can now order your ring, easy and at no cost at all!

On the flip side, however, this method may not be accurate, due to string stretching and printing scale discrepancies. The best way to ensure accuracy is to countercheck using another method, to ensure you get the right size. Following a jeweler’s tips usually found on the website will also go along way in finding the right ring size from the comfort of your couch.

Printable Paper Strip Ring Size

It increases the accuracy a bit since there are standard ring metrics employed through the use of a tape measure. As with the method before, begin by printing the ring sizer to scale. Open the marked slot by cutting it out. slip the ring sizer through this slot, ensuring that the measurement numbers are facing outwards. From here, pick the sizer up and onto your ring finger then pull till it’s taut to read the size of the ring you require. Be careful while doing so to avoid damaging the sizer.

Printable Ring Sizer

As with other methods, it uses an existing fitting ring whereby you determine your ring size using the inner diameter of the ring. Simply print out the ring size chart, ensuring it is to scale, then place the ring over the circles on the paper. Compare to find the closest option to your finger, if it’s between two circle sizes, pick the larger size.

Jeweller’s Ring Sizing Tips

As a jeweller take a closer look at the sizes of rings to stock. As you can see from the linked page, a large number of people fall into a small number of sizes with a few outliers making up a small fraction.

To find a perfect fit for you, here are some sizing tips:

Choose a snug fit. This makes sure that the ring fits properly, to minimize the risk of slipping out unawares. Ensure that it slips on easily, for comfort but at the same time it should not come off easily.

Have in mind that the size of your hand is affected by outdoor temperatures. This means that particularly during summer, your hands tend to swell a bit. The ring should, therefore, accommodate the expansion of your hand to avoid being uncomfortable during some seasons.

Warm-up your hands. This goes on to elaborate on the previous point. When you warm them up, you’ll choose a size that fits even when your hands swell.

Choose the larger size if your size falls between two ring sizes. You could also contact a professional for further advice.


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