Marketing Statistics To Watch For When Planning Post Covid-19 Strategy

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Right from businessmen in corporates to blue-collar workers in warehouses and teachers in schools to professionals freelancing, everyone has faced the brunt of the pandemic and is now struggling to come out of it alive.

Marketers are no different from this. Right from stressing about how to sustain their marketing game in the present to predicting the future of their survival post this situation, everything seems to be in a mess. To address this concern and pave the way for some clarity, here are some video marketing promotion ideas that will help you make a strong-footed decision for the future of your brand.

1. Promote Local

Even though online shopping from large conglomerates might be the only option for people right now, many of them claim supporting local shops. On the flip side, for daily groceries and necessities, 3 in 5 customers in the UK, about 60% of the population, have said that they have started visiting local stores in their neighborhood ever since the lockdown has been implemented. 57% of people also claimed that they would prefer buying from a brand that locally sourced products.

This is mainly because people might have seen the effect a lockdown can have on local brands and are now willing to support them. Some people have also confirmed that the growing dominance of platforms like Amazon makes them more skeptical, which is why they prefer buying from smaller companies.

Similar situations can be predicted in India too. Hence, it is essential that marketers target their strategies towards voicing local establishments and local firms. This time, the ‘vocal for local’ campaign might be just what you need.

2. India Is A Prime Consumer Market For Luxury Goods

37% of Indian consumers have confirmed that they had put off buying luxury products during the pandemic. But, as soon as restrictions are lifted and life returns to normalcy, they plan on stocking up on all their favorite luxury products.

This makes up for a great potential market for luxury goods. It is important that agencies with luxury brands focus on this opportunity and exploit it to the fullest.

A similar trend has been seen in other Asian countries, too, where people have become more eager towards spending in the luxury sector. Even though unexpected, this is justified from the perspective of a consumer that is used to spending on luxury products and hasn’t been able to gain access to the same since companies have temporarily shut down.

3. Consider Shifting Platforms

With changing times, there has been a significant shift in people’s priorities too. This means that people are now looking for news-related content more than entertainment. Essentially, Twitter has received a lot more traction than apps like say, Instagram, or Facebook. We know Instagram marketing tips are something most marketers rely on, but its time to consider mixing it up a bit and living with some change.

Marketers need to understand this change and effectively streamline their marketing along with this platform. The posts on Twitter about the coronavirus has seen a spike of 4 times, right from 4-5 million posts per day in March, the number has now increased to 20 million posts.

4. PSAs Are The New Black

Ever since the COVID-19 crisis has hit, PSAs have seen the increased engagement of 1.5 billion. This is a very clear sign as to what people want to see and what type of information they are looking for. It is the best time to tap into the PSA market and align your brands with not just promoting their product, but showing solidarity and imparting knowledge.

Market your brand in a way that people come to you not only for entertainment or for your product, but they can also rely on you as a trustworthy source of information. This information does not have to be very detailed or specific, it can include basic community guidelines.

It shows that your brand aligns itself with social causes and issues that have currently grappled the world and that you don’t just engage in branding and promotions.

5. The Traction Of Media Sites Is High

Ad spending has increased in terms of websites like technology, travel, entertainment, and basically all activities that can be conducted at home. Make sure your marketing is targeted towards these things, at least during the COVID era and even sometime after that.

Media traction has increased by 31% in the entertainment sector, and investment here will never go to waste, even after we have put this pandemic behind us. As most of your activities are a part of the media, it shouldn’t be difficult to align your promotions alongside this. In fact, this is one space where you can get as creative as you want.

Sure, there is a lot of space for creativity in marketing, but here is where there are no bounds to what you can achieve through simple and effective messaging.

6. “Buy Online” Will Be Trending In The Near Future

From 7,500 searches during the start of the year to 27,000 searches in the month of March, ‘Buy online’ is one of the most searched things on the internet today. This is expected to continue even during the post-COVID-19 era, where even though life will resume, people will still be unsure and scared of leaving their houses.

For now, marketers can start generating content wherein they appear on top of search results when ‘buy online’ is entered, and reap the fruits of this later. Shifting local businesses and small companies online through free website developers and listing on other websites can be helpful to convert your shop online and then market it using social media.


These marketing tactics help you since they are not just age-old tips that were applicable to normal times, but actual statistics that are in line with the current situations.

These studies are done keeping in mind the repercussions of the ongoing crisis and act as a great tool for marketers. It is a good and reliable source for people to fall back on in these unusual times and make it easier for themselves to navigate the situation along with keeping their business afloat.


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