Best 3 Marketing Master’s Degrees in Singapore 2020

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Marketing degrees are designed to teach students how to promote and sell products or services to particular customers. Top marketing personnel knows how to conduct thorough market research and identify new trends or ideas that enhance sales or product distribution. 

Marketing students at business schools learn the basics of communicating clearly and directly. Classes on Sales and Brand Management, Product Planning, Advertising, Sales, or Consumer behavior equips you to be a good marketer. 

Thus, we recommend that you have a Masters in Marketing if you want to learn how to create and implement advertisements as well as promotional strategies to sell your product or services.  

Effective Marketing strategies help you identify the right people, turn them into loyal customers that will return for future services, and recommend your services.

Since word of mouth is said to be the best marketing tool, it’s essential to implement successful marketing campaigns and as well create a supportive brand image for the organization you represent. 

A master’s program in marketing helps to blend theories of Finance, Marketing research, Business Management, and Consumer Behavior. During learning Marketing, you’ll learn how to promote products or services that increase your sales revenue.

The Best 3 Marketing Master’s Degree in Singapore 2020 

It is quite challenging to pinpoint the best three marketing master’s degree in Singapore, as so many of them are thriving. Some of these thriving degree courses to look out for includes masters of science in global marketing, luxury management and marketing, Online MSC marketing, and so on. 

However, we did in-depth research and came up with the best three marketing master’s degree in Singapore. The basis for this research was recommendations, ratings, achievements, and so on. Below is our list:  


  • International Tourism and Hospitality Management


The International Tourism and Hospitality Management course can help you to maximize your skills and expertise. James Cook University specifically tailors the course, and it’s designed to equip students to address the complex issues unique to their chosen choice of industry.


  • Digital Marketing


You can become a Digital Marketer by mastering the adequate skills for digital marketing strategy and marketing planning. 

The Digital Marketing course cuts across UX, email marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media, e-commerce, lead generation, affiliate marketing, and so on. 


  • Marketing and Consumer Insight  


The Marketing and Consumer Insight course is offered in collaboration between ACI and the Nanyang Business School, and the Nanyang Technological University. This course is designed for individuals that are ambitious and committed. 

The course will help you explore career opportunities in marketing as well as consumer insight. It will also enable you to efficiently work with marketers in their management roles as this course is designed to equip you with various management aspects. 

Benefits of Masters Marketing Degrees in Singapore 

Marketing degrees cuts across so many divisions such as a master of science in global marketing, master for global finance, marketing for global human resources, and the list continues. Below are some benefits of a Masters Marketing degree: 

  1. Marketing will help students to develop technical and analytic skills. It will also help you learn how to be a good storyteller as there’s a need to create advertising campaigns. These campaigns focus on four golden concepts, namely: price, place, product, and promotion. 
  2. While you’re undergoing studies on any aspect of marketing, you’ll learn how to identify your target audience. Bear in mind that creating a great strategy is not enough. You have to know how to share it to reach the target audience efficiently.
  3. After successfully running your marketing campaigns, it’s vital to gather the resulting data and analyze your campaign results. By doing so, it will help you to adjust and improve in further campaigns. 

Graduates with degrees in Marketing enjoy successful careers in human resources, market researchers, global marketing, media managers, global finance, and so on.


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