The Ultimate Guide to Academic Marketing Essay Writing

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Students face a lot of challenges and some of them are pretty complex. Thus, marketing is a very difficult subject and even a simple essay may become a heavy burden for some students.  However, you can be successful using the tips mentioned in this ultimate guide.

We believe that if you possess the knowledge, you possess a powerful tool to succeed. Therefore, you should also seek special websites that provide news and useful articles about the world of marketing, as well as such related spheres as business, finance, technology, entertainment, travel, etc. Make sure you find and use such websites. Right now, we’d like to explain how to write a winning marketing essay.

This informative article highlights the most important stages of writing a marketing essay

Define the Type

A marketing essay isn’t a single option. There are various types of essays and so, you ought to know what demands are common for the assigned type. Moreover, the types of essays vary according to the subject. If you write an essay on marketing, you may be assigned the following marketing essays:

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  • Email Marketing Content;
  • Relationship Marketing Content;
  • Social Media Development;
  • Marketing Collateral Creation;
  • Corporate Marketing Document Writing;
  • Online Content Creation;
  • Marketing Proposal Writing;
  • Marketing Presentation Development;
  • Lead-Generating Content;
  • Marketing Report Writing;

Make sure you understand how to complete each type. There are different purposes, which determine the way the piece must be fulfilled. Discuss any unclarities with your instructor before you begin to write.

Preparation Stage

First of all, you should choose a good topic. It must be unsolved, which means there should be no clear solution. Thus, it automatically becomes interesting to your readers. You should go from general to specific. You ought to narrow the broad meaning of the chosen marketing issue.

Broad topic: Problems of Marketing.

Narrow topic: The Main Problems of Marketing in the USA.

Make sure you do in-depth research on the chosen topic. Surf the Internet and run through local libraries. Gather as much evidence as you can. Afterward, refine it to select only the most suitable facts that plainly support your theory and offer your readers a great solution to the unsolved problem.

Writing and Editing

Once you pass the preparation stage, you may begin to write. Every essay consists of three main parts, which are the introduction, main body, and conclusion. You should articulate the main problem of your essay in the introduction, develop a thesis in the body, and summarize everything in conclusion.

Things will run smoother if your structure is reasonable. Give heed to every paragraph and decide what must be highlighted there. Don’t try to cram everything in a single section. There are several good reasons to ensure a good essay structure. An adequate structure:

  • Simplifies your writing;
  • Clarifies how to address the main question;
  • Clarifies your main ideas;
  • Shows the relation of your ideas to one another;
  • Shows your audience a logical and progressive development of the essay;
  • Unites the main aspects you cover and makes your text readable;
  • Helps to never forget what you’ve already mentioned.

We also suggest clarifying the purposes of the main writing parts.

PartThe Main GoalDetails
IntroductionGrabbing the reader’s attentionArouses the reader’s interest;Sets the scene;Explains how the author understands the question he/she covers;Defines key terms;Provides a brief outline;Implements a thesis statement.
Main BodyDevelopment of a thesisCovers the main argument;Provides plain examples and explanations;Divides the body paragraphs into logical parts;Enhances readability;Highlights the possible limits.
ConclusionSummarizing the entire paperRestates the main question;States general conclusions;Provides the outcomes;Interprets the value of the outcomes;Offers future assumptions (if necessary).

After you complete the last draft, edit it. You’ll definitely make at least a few mistakes. Thanks to the editing process, you may spot and improve those mistakes. Thus, you won’t lose important grades. You can edit using the common methods, which are reading aloud and in your head. Don’t forget to use technology. It offers a wide selection of special checking apps, which quickly identify grammar and spelling mistakes, plagiarism, incorrect lexicon, wrong stylistic features, etc.

A Short List of Things to Avoid

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We’d like to mention certain mistakes most students make. If you know about them, you have all the chances to never repeat them. Avoid the following things:

  • The pronoun “I”;
  • Slang and jargon;
  • Contractions;
  • Over-dramatization;
  • Logical fallacies;
  • Going astray your topic;
  • Making assumptions, etc.

Memorize these typical mistakes and you won’t lose essential grades. This guide provides the necessary clues to the successful writing of marketing essays of all types. Use them wisely and you’ll surely enjoy success.


Joan Young is an aspiring journalist and copywriter with deep interest in academic writing, sociology, inventions and technological progress. She provides online tutoring sessions to international students and finds immense pleasure in witnessing their writing progress. Currently she is working as a professional essay writer at Advanced Writers committed to help students with writing their papers of any complexity.

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