Maldives Honeymoon Guide – 10 Romantic Activities for Couples

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Sea Scooter Ride Experience

A romantic experience that involves under-sea scootering with your partner is one of the best things you can do on your Maldives trip. You will also have the opportunity to see the amazing underwater world of the blue sea. To participate in this activity, you don’t need any prior knowledge or training. Tour guides are available to help you with the maneuvering process. This is an easy activity you can do with your loved ones to create lasting memories.

Treasure Hunting

You can have a romantic getaway in Maldives by treasure hunting. You will be looking for treasures beneath the water, which seems a bit off-beat. This is a great activity for couples traveling on their honeymoon in Maldives. You have the option to snorkel or dive to discover the hidden treasures in the deep water. This activity can be done in the noon light if you want to make the most out of your romantic vacation.

Helicopter Ride

Helicopter Ride in Maldives during Honeymoon

It’s a joy to take a helicopter ride with your loved one to capture the Maldives from the air. The breath-taking islands will be seen from the air, while you hold your partner’s hand. It will be awe inspiring to see one of the most beautiful creations of nature. You will be soothed by the tranquillity of the pristine coastline views and the azure waters. You can view the islands from a high altitude, but you can also hop from one island to the next in a helicopter. This will give you a new experience.

Romantic Massage

You can’t go on a romantic getaway to Maldives without a massage. It is a unique experience that you will share with your partner. You can explore the beautiful beaches and take a massage. These romantic massages can be enjoyed at a variety of wellness and spa centres along the coast. You can choose to relax with the native coconut oil and enjoy a peaceful massage in the middle of stunning azure waters.

Island Hopping

Island hopping is a popular activity that takes you to beautiful islands all around the Maldives. There are approximately 80 islands that are home to luxurious resorts and hotels. This is one of your best leisure activities. You can also enjoy a completely new experience while visiting a different island and take part in many new activities.


The clear waters around the Maldives islands are renowned for their beauty and it is a great place to swim. Spend some time with your partner while on a romantic vacation to explore the underwater world and make memories. The tranquillity and peace will make you feel completely lost. You can enjoy the clearer waters whenever you want if you choose to stay at a resort or villa overwater.


Maldives in Maldives during Honeymoon

Windsurfing is a popular activity that you can do during your time in Maldives. It’s both exciting and fun to have fun with your partner while the wind blows. The qualified guides and instructors at your resort will help you learn more about the sport. Learn the basics and then get to try this activity. This activity is best enjoyed between May and October.

Submarine Ride

It’s both thrilling and exciting to ride a whale submarine. The perfect vehicle will allow you to explore the deepest parts of the ocean. This is a great romantic getaway. You can enjoy the underwater world even on cloudy days or at night, making it one of the most popular activities in Maldives. There are many amazing things you will see underwater, from shipwrecks and powerful sharks.

Stay At Over Water Villas

The best thing to do on a romantic getaway is spend time in the villa’s over-water. Access to the beautiful Indian Ocean waters and stunning scenic views would be the best part of your day. These villas will allow you to share intimate moments with your partner while in private. You will also be able enjoy 5-star facilities throughout your stay. These villas offer stunning views and private pools.

Yacht Tours

A private yacht charter for couples is a great way to spend time alone with your loved one during your Maldives package for couples. It is a wonderful experience to float in the turquoise waters and enjoy the best of nature. You will have the opportunity to spend quality time together and, in turn, will be able come closer to each other. The amazing species found in the underwater world will delight your senses.


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