How to Maintain a Data Room

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A virtual data room, commonly known as a VDR, is a secure online space for storing and safely sharing confidential documents. Virtual rooms have become the norm for companies that value the security of information and protection of their data. A VDR service, as opposed to a physical data room, makes it possible for companies to access their data at any time virtually. It is important to know how to keep your virtual data room organized and in good order. 

Here are 4 Ways to Maintain a Data Room:

  1. Select a trusted virtual data room provider

Before you can start using a virtual data room, it is important to decide which provider you will go with. Choosing one that will guarantee the security of your data is key. Because there are many providers, researching the pros and cons of each will help make the right decision and decide which one best suits your team’s needs. Once you set up your virtual data room, inviting users and creating groups will be next.

  1. Document organization

Just as it was important to have a filing system in a traditional physical file room to allow smooth communication within the company, it is equally important to have a proper filing system in a virtual data room. Without it, it would be a nightmare trying to navigate the data room and tracking down important documents. It would bring about a breakdown of communication and completely destroy the efficiency that comes with using a virtual data room. Decide on the file naming rules you will follow and let everyone who has access know to follow them.

  1. Put someone in charge

For a virtual room to run without any hindrances, it is crucial that you have someone in charge to keep it in order. Choosing the right person is important because of the nature of the sensitivity of information stored in the data room. Choose someone who is able to organize, manage, make decisions about archiving the data and ensure that those rules are followed. Depending on the size of your organization, you might have to hire someone or give the responsibility to a team member. 

  1. Permissions and Data access
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Giving the right people permission to access the data is as important and knowing who has accessed the data and when they accessed it. Make sure you manage how data is accessed through an automatic logging system that lets you know who accessed or saved a file. This is because even though data rooms are more secure than informal cloud storage, the threat of data leaking is still present. Logging this information will help when something is overwritten, deleted or something malicious happens to your data

Virtual data rooms are easy to use and have numerous advantages. When you have hundreds of documents that need to be accessed by a big team, keeping your data room in good order will guarantee you enjoy all the benefits with a lot of ease.

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