Why London is One of the Best Locations to Set Up a Business

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As a result of advancing technology, you can now pretty much base your business from anywhere. Although it’s exciting that companies are presented with all manner of prospects, this can also introduce some difficulty. The endless list of locations to base a business from mean that companies are spoilt for choice and can often feel overwhelmed by this prospect. London is among the most densely populated cities worldwide and is home to upwards of one million businesses. Despite this, thousands more businesses enter the capital on a yearly basis, and you could be one of them! Consider office space in London when establishing your new business. 

A Diverse Workforce

One of the biggest benefits of starting a business in London is the diverse workforce that you’re presented with. London is currently home to around nine million people, each of which is from a different background. Not only does this mean that you’ll be able to provide various groups of people with equal opportunities, but a diverse workforce also comes with a multitude of benefits. These include a limited turnover, improved employee skillset, improved employee engagement, better innovation, and better productivity. Ultimately, diversity is the way forward on moral and business grounds alike.

Unrivaled Transportation

Transport For London (TFL) is one of the best transportation systems in the world, with easy-to-follow maps and a quick and efficient service. The London Underground, London Overground, District Light Railway (DLR), buses, bikes, and taxis mean that you’re presented with an endless selection of options when it comes to transport. Similarly, Central London is extremely well-connected to navigate by foot if this is where you choose to set up your business. On top of this, if you’re working internationally, you can travel to European hotspots such as Brussels, Amsterdam, and Paris via train from St. Pancras International. 

Top Tourist Destination

There’s no denying that the majority of businesses can benefit from sitting within a popular tourist destination. If your business is customer based, setting up in London will provide you with the opportunity to interact with customers from across the globe. In fact, London has the potential to offer you roughly 30 million new customers every year. If you’re not customer facing and handle more B2B transactions, London has a multitude of benefits for you, too. Thousands of entrepreneurs travel to London regularly as it’s a hub for businesses and is so easily accessed via six international airports, as well as international railways. 

Boosts Your Business Profile

London is perceived to be a rather prestigious city, meaning that a business based here will be held to the same regard. This is particularly true of businesses that are based in the likes of Westminster, Soho, and Shoreditch. Not only do these areas assist you in raising your business profile, but they also provide you with the means of offering your clients and employees a range of amenities, facilities, and resources. Especially for international clients, London gives off an air of sophistication that is rarely matched by other cities. 

London Doesn’t Equal Expensive

It’s no secret that London property is among some of the most expensive in the world. Despite this, there are ways of reducing costs to get around this hefty expense. For example, just because your business is in London doesn’t mean you have to be, too. Whether you live in a rural English area or the other side of the world, modern technology means that you’ll never be far from your business address in the big smoke. Will you take the leap to London with your business?


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