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Kissanime is a website that fully supports you to watch English Subtitles and other dubbed anime movies in high quality. The interface of the website is quite user-friendly and you can have ad-free streaming sessions by registering yourself as a user. You will find the best English subbed as well as dubbed anime. You don’t even have to pay anything for watching on this website. If you are an anime lover and appreciate quality anime, then this is your place to be. You will absolutely love this website if you like anime content. 

Millions of users enjoy free streaming on this website. This is one of the most important features of this whole website, you can enjoy your favorite anime content with no cost whatsoever at all. All you need is stable internet and the website will make sure that you have uninterrupted access to all the anime content on website. There are no payments for watching the content so you will absolutely enjoy it without worrying about paying to the website. This website is most certainly the king in the world on anime because users have access to HD content without paying any streaming fee and that is kind of unique. 

Another important feature is that users will have access to the largest collection of anime ever available because Kissanime has everything when it comes to anime. The quality is highly consistent as well because you can select the quality you want to see yourself, the quality of videos ranges from 240p to 1080p. 

Users can enjoy the simple interface with many genres available to them from the biggest anime collection, you can watch any genre including Comedy, Fighting, Horror, Romance, Adventure and a lot more. 

What Happened to Official Kissanime?

There might be a few reasons that you are unable to access Kissanime official websites. One is that if you are using Adblocker, the administrators at Kissanime might have detected it and have started to deliberately ban such IPs. So, once you have been banned from the website you wouldn’t even be able to see any splash screen or any message that you have been banned from the website. 

Another reason is that since Kissanime content has already some legal speculations going on regarding content ownership, many countries and areas have started blocking the website in respective regions. You may be able to get access to Kissanime websites by using mirror/proxy websites. 

Is kissanime safe?

Kissanime itself is a legal website however the content it uses may have some grey areas. Kissnaime uses a lot of ads which can lead you to download some malicious software of viruses on your computer. Some ads only track your internet activity to provide you with relevant suggestions, however, your personal data may still be at risk if you watch content on Kissanime

Kissanime doesn’t take any responsibility for any third-party content that you are led to by clicking or viewing the ads on Kissanime. So, for this part, you have to be careful yourself and do a few things to ensure your privacy and safety of your system.

  1. Do not click on ads

Whenever you see a popup, banner or a window opening by making actions on Kissanime website, you have to be very vigilant and close these ads even as soon as they start loading. Just go ahead with closing the popup or window without accidentally clicking on any of the ads. 

  1. Use Adblocker 

This is a great solution for someone who accidentally ends up clicking on the ads anyway. If you install an adblocker, your life will get a lot easier and you will get at least most of uninterrupted access to kissanime content without closing windows every two seconds. 

  1. Use trusted links

If a Kissanime mirror link appear to be unsafe for you and are flagged out by your firewall, you should not go ahead with using that link. Hackers around the world create these temporary links to get to the users. So, only use links which are recommended by Kissanime users or trusted blogs. 

Kissanime Mobile – List of Mobile Responsive Sites

Mobile usage for viewing content has increased a great deal in recent years since everything is just a few taps away and you can watch your favourite content in your palm, who would want to bother with web browsers anymore. It has become absolutely important for the websites to be as responsive as possible. Ease is used is also one of the greatest factors that come to the mind of a common mobile user. 

But we have got you covered, we are going to provide you with the best option for accessing Kissanime when you are browsing from your mobile device. We are considering all factors including best responsiveness, all settings access, ease in use and smoothness of overall mobile view. 

You can watch Kissanime on your mobile browser using the following domains. 


Kissanime Reddit – List of Subreddits

Kissanime Fans are very active on Reddit, if there is any problem in loading the website, or if new contents are added on popular Kissanime platform. You will hear about it on Reddit, always be in for following the Kissanime subreddits on Reddit. You will get a lot of help and even get to know about the latest updates of Kissanime via Reddit. 

  1. List of Official Kiss Sites

This is a great subreddit which provides you a list of all the official channels by Kissanime. You won’t need to see any other information if you have to find out all the ways to access the official websites by Kissanime. 

  1. Alternatives to Kissanime

This is also a great source for people who have to find the best possible alternatives to Kissanime because if you have done everything and still can’t access Kissanime website, you better be geared up to find some alternatives. 

  1. Bypass the Adblocker Ban

Another good one to keep your eye on, since Kissanime only earns from ads, they try their best to block all the possible ad blockers that users can get their hands on. But fans have got you covered, they can always come up with new ways to get past such situations. Review is basically a Russian portal which displays Japanese genre of productions, known as Anime as well. This domain will offer you various content like anime and Manga series along with the forum. You can watch your favourite anime shows on and discuss them with the fans and community as well. 

This is the official domain by Kissanime, whenever you want to use the official website of Kissanime, you have to go to This is the legal domain purchased by Kissanime administrators. This domain is perfect for use and you should always try to use this domain whenever you want to use Kissanime. 

This domain has been reviewed by many security extensions and virus protectors and there has been no reports of this particular domain to be malicious. 

Some mirror websites might not give you exactly the same performance as Kissanime, but at the end of the day, the content is always the same and you will access the same library of content

Why is kissanime so slow? [Solved]

Kissanime is one of the most well-known sources for watching Anime content on the internet. A lot of users stream content on Kissanime at once. We don’t know for sure if you should really use Kissanime to watch Anime content but it remains one of the best sources to date to just stream the best English subtitled and dubbed content. 

However, there are few times that you will see that you are unable to access the Kissanime website as you should normally do or there might be problems in loading the content. 

Common problems with Kissanime

Most common problems that users see with Kissanime are following. 

  1. Website loading very slow
  2. Content buffering very slow 
  3. Website down 
  4. Unable to access the website 

Reasons for slow loading of Kissanime content 

There may be many reasons that you are not experiencing the perfect performance of Kissanime website. Few are some of the reasons that you are unable to watch uninterrupted content on Kissanime. 

  • Website server might be down 
  • There must be some maintenance going on 
  • An error might have occurred with the website 
  • There might be some hacking attempts on the website 
  • Your internet speed might be too slow 
  • Your firewall might be blocking you to access the website
  • Your internet DNS services might be disturbed

Solutions for improving performance of Kissanime 

There is not one specific solution to fixing what is wrong with your access to Kissanime or the slow loading of the website. There are certain things you can do to fix your problem. 

  • Check if your internet speed is consistent and you have uninterrupted access to the internet 
  • Check if any other downloads or applications are consuming your internet’s bandwidth 
  • Check if there are too many devices connected to your internet connection 
  • Check if your internet DNS services are working automatically 
  • If the server from Kissanime site is down, you have to wait it out 
  • If you are unable to login directly with Kissanime website, try using any of the mirror websites 
  • Sometimes too many users are watching the Kissanime website and puts a lot of load on the servers, slowing the website eventually 

However, if you still face issues. It is better to write to the administrators of Kissanime or get in touch with the support team.

How to block ads on kissanime?

If you have visited Kissanime you must know that the type of ads are very pathetic sometimes and there are a mostly insane number of ads that interrupt you from viewing the content as you want to view it. Sometimes even the biggest fans of Kissanime have been turned off from the worst kind of advertising that appears sometimes. 

Whatever you do on the website, even just moving your cursor sometimes will open up a new popup or window or maybe just a banner. It can get really annoying sometimes. Clicking to enlarge the video player will leave you wondering about the disgusting ad you just viewed and now you have to close multiple ads and windows before you can return to watching your content. If you sometimes just accidentally click on the ad, you will regret forever because sometimes the ads are so weird that you wouldn’t even know how to shut off the window because the normal cross button would refuse to work for you. If you have found an auto-playing ad, you will see that one after another and the windows will not stop opening. Sometimes the users get so annoyed that they may have to actually turn off the website. Worst happens when some virus-containing ads start to invade your computer and start sending reports about your internet activity to the insane advertisers out there. Obviously, Kissanime won’t take responsibility for the websites that the ads redirects, because third-party websites are not the responsibility of Kissanime.

Ads are really important to the websites who provide services like giving you access to free anime content but sometimes it can be just too much. It is obviously not ethical to profit from the viewers in this way by putting their privacy at risk. 

So the basic thing would be to try to get rid of these malicious ads. Here are the few solutions that may work for you. 

Use Adblocker 

There are many browser extensions that can help you to block ads. All you have to do is just install those extensions and add them to your browser. Google chrome is really convenient when it comes to installing extensions but you can do it with any other browsers too. Most Adblockers charge some fee to keep you ad-free However, there are few that provide you generous trial periods and offer you some basic services free as well. 

Use Brave Browser 

You may not have heard a lot about it, but it is actually a great solution for blocking ads. Brave is a free and open-source web browser and it is owned by Brave Software, Inc. It is based on the Chromium web browser. The basic task of this browser is to block ads and other such website trackers. Brave is considered to improve the performance of your adblocker by 69x with its state of the art New Engine Implementation in Rust. 

Which kissanime is real?

A lot of users have this question since there are many mirror websites and proxies available for kissanime. Users get confused a lot of time about the genuine authority of kissanime content. 

So, answering this simple question, below are the real websites by Kissanime and rest are just proxy/mirror websites, which work exactly the same way as Kissanime works and provide you the same access to the anime content. 


Why Kissanime is blocked? How do I unblock Kissanime?

However, before proceeding any further, let’s have a look at why you are unable to access Kissanime website and how you can get access website. 

There are many reasons that your Kissanime website has been blocked in your region or area. You would be checking out this section if you are unable to access anime websites like or, or these websites might have shut down abruptly, leaving you wondering. Many countries don’t have access to the website of kissanime. Many users have been complaining about the shutdown of kissanime websites. Many platforms like Twitter, Forums, and Reddit are filled with users providing alternative solutions but nothing actually sticks out very well.

However, the one best solution to access the real kissanime content is through the Kissanime proxy and mirror websites. 

These websites are usually run by the Kissanime staff and they administer these proxy websites themselves to ensure that the mentioned websites are safe to use by users. Also, these websites have the same library and content as well as database as the real Kissanime website, however, the domains are certainly a little different. 

You can use these Proxy/Mirror websites to stream the anime content as offered by the Kissanime website itself. You can easily access all the anime content be it watching Asian TV shows, stream free anime or read manga all you want. 

Kissanime Mirror Websites and Alternatives

Kissanime is at the top when it comes to anime websites and so it is also the first one to get blocked by your school, workplace or even your country if any such content is about to be blocked. For whatever reason, if you are unable to access Kissanime website from your location, here is the solution for you. You will be able to access the Kissanime website from our top list of Working Kissanime Mirror Websites, these websites will provide you instant access to the Kissanime website. These sites are your best chance to use Kissanime website or you can even use these websites to sign up on Kissanime.

List of Kissanime Alternative Websites

Now that you clearly know that these websites work well, let’s have a look at the best mirror websites for kissanime.

KissAnime Proxy/Mirror SitesLiveFast Speed
KISAnime AlternativeYesYes
KISS HentaiYesYes
HD AnimeYesYes
Hentai HeavenYesYes
KimCartoon IOYesYes
Hentai ClubYesYes
Kiss Asian TVYesYes
KISS AsiansYesYes
KISAnime UnblockedYesYes

Note: We don’t support piracy in any way, the mention of above websites are for informational purposes only. 


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