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Many individuals face challenges in determining the best cryptocurrency to use in India. Therefore, it is important to consider the top cryptocurrency exchange in India to ensure that there are no challenges faced in the end. Trade requires a medium of exchange considering that crypto exchanges entail a platform whereby individuals may freely deposit or withdraw different cryptocurrencies.

You are looking for the types of cryptocurrencies available in India? Here is the best answer to the question.


LocalBitcoins Indian CryptoCurrency are important considering that they offer escrow services which assist in luring potential buyers and sellers readily available in the market. On the other hand, cash deposit is mainly used for payment by the buyers. Also, the users are free to choose their mode of payment without any restrictions. The trading involved by individuals meeting is secured by the organization to ensure that there are no challenges faced. Therefore, it is considered among the convenient and quickest way to buy Bitcoin by the clients.It leads to several advantages since it is fast, simple, and individuals’ anonymity is maintained. However, there are several disadvantages since it is difficult to buy large amounts of the cryptocurrency. Also, the prices are relatively higher in comparison with regular exchanges.


Airfio is considered among the mode of exchange that leads to new revolution in regards to crypto banking. On the other hand, it aims at launching an application that intends to improve Fintech industry. It plays an important role considering that it supports productive, as well as, transparent trading in the society. It has several revolutions among them being introduction of its Master Card to aid in transactions. As such, the customers can easily access their funds internationally without facing any challenges.


Wazirx is a famous exchange in India which is preferred by many individuals due to its convenience. The team that initiated the platform evolve daily to ensure that they reach out to many citizens. The experienced team has recently offered a new method that enables the Indians to freely deposit and withdraw INR while trading cryptocurrencies easily. It has several advantages among the users. For instance, it entails the lowest prices for coins, and it is simple and easy to use interface. On the other hand, it still requires more volume to trade to ensure that it reaches out to many individuals within the required timeframe.


It is among India’s leading Bitcoin exchange platform. As such, the users can easily buy Bitcoin through online banking, as well as, any Indian bank account. It is backed by investors in the United States since it is a regulated company. The main challenge faced is that it cannot use anonymous. Also, it provides Bitcoin wallet that is not preferable to store bitcoins.


Changely is preferred by most Indian citizens considering that it offers individuals the option to buy bitcoin with Litecoin, altcoins, and Dogecoin. It is available in numerous countries although an individual requires another cryptocurrency to ensure that he/she is capable to purchase the bitcoins. It provides an easy and quick platform to buy bitcoins with altcoins. However, digital tokens are required to use Changely.


It is unique since it allows the users globally to purchase bitcoin using either credit or debit card whereby a fee is charged. They lead to several advantages among the users such as offering the highest limits for buying bitcoins using a credit card, it works in almost all countries, and it is a reliable and trusted broker. However, it entails some of the highest fees among the prevalent bitcoin brokers.

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