How to Teach Kids to Swim at Every Age

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Learning to swim is an enjoyable moment in a child’s life. Not only do they study fundamental concepts of water conservation, but they also set the framework for an active and balanced lifestyle. To help children develop the skills needed to be healthy in the water, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises organized swimming lessons as a measure of protection against drowning for babies. Swimming lessons from Swimhub will help your kids to learn swimming. 

And while existing AAP recommendations are considered best practice, not all families can afford swim lessons. That ensures that parents and guardians often have to step in to teach their children fundamentals on their own.

Guideline for babies:

Now that you’re about to hop in with your little one, it’s time to learn some advice and tips on how to bring your baby to the sea.

It is important to bring babies as young as four months into the water because their interaction with the water and to ensure that they are relaxed begins at an early age and can lead to gradual progress into a successful swim. 

\While at the local pool or in the bathtub at home, Collins suggests that parents should pour a low, continuous stream of water on the crown of the child’s head to help them feel more relaxed with the water on their faces. It’s important for parents to stay calm and celebrate when the conditioning is done to keep the experience positive.

Toddlers’ guidelines:

Blowing bubbles and searching for objects such as rings or little pool-safe plastic animals in the water is a great way for toddlers to get more familiar with the water. That said, be sure to watch your baby when you’re close to any water source.

When it comes to health, it’s not just swimming pools that you need to be alert to. It’s even streams, ponds, and also smaller, unexpected sources of water like buckets or even toilets that may pose a danger to young children. When they’re ready to go on, practice “swimming” with your kids. This makes them learn how to move and use their arms and legs. Start by bringing them to the edge of the water. Hold the distance between you and your child from the length of your neck. Encourage them to let you go and dive in every way they can. This can take the form of doggie paddling, and that’s all right. It’s not a matter of perfecting a swim move, but of helping them develop confidence and have fun. When they get more relaxed, increasing the space between you and the ground.

Guidelines for elementary school and beyond:

Elementary age students, such as second-grade kindergartens, are still young enough to still need you in the pool with them. Using pool time to speak to them about the value of health in and about water. “At this age, children appear to be bosses so they can understand what risk is,” Collins says.

When you’re in the pool with your budding swimmer, Collins advises you to give them little obstacles like placing their face in the water, jumping to your arms from the edge of the pool, and reaching the bottom of the pool at the shallow end. And, of course, note to rejoice.

When the child hits middle school level, Collins notes that they are still quickly humiliated by their lack of swimming skills, which makes it a perfect time for parents to have an open conversation on water health. Since teenagers are more rational, he suggests watching water safety videos, particularly because knowing the facts about drowning can be a real eye-opener.  When they reach the water depth they’re confident with, Collins said they’ll try to swim three feet, then five feet, then 10 feet, until they need to.


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